The top 10 best esports countries

Professional gaming has witnessed massive growth over the past few years. When the global pandemic hit, esports viewership went to an all-time high. Many traditional sports fans turned to esports since they were now unable to watch their favorite sports leagues with most seasons being completely canceled.

Professional gaming thrives during the pandemic

Although a number of gaming tournaments were canceled due to the virus, professional gaming is still doing well. Some of the best esports countries have reached new heights, earning more average prize money in 2020 than they previously did in 2019.

Major gaming leagues were able to host virtual esports events since a majority of their audience from the biggest esports countries would tune in through Twitch or other platforms. This has resulted in esports players earning more money on average per tournament despite playing in 40% fewer tournaments.

How much money is being put into esports prize pools?

The top leading esports bookmaker, Unikrn, has reported that by the end of June last year, $67 million had been won by more than 26,000 players from 2,715 tournaments. June of this year saw only $39 million being won by 11,000 players in 1,622 tournaments.

The average tournament prize pool for each year was similar at $23,988 in 2019 and $29,920 in 2020. The average winnings for players had an $1160 difference, with 2019 average winnings at $2,492 and 2020 jumping to an average of $3,652. Most of the players who received these winnings came from the best esports countries that house the most competitive teams.

Reviewing these statistics suggests that fans and top teams from the biggest esports countries around the world have helped the esports scene during these tough times.

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Countries with the most esports prize money

The top 10 countries that reported earning the most esports prize money has seen a few changes since 2019. Most of the countries remained within the top 10 with only Sweden being dethroned by the UK.

As of today, the reported top 10 best esports countries per average prize money is as follows:

The United States – $7,280,222
China – $3,093,705
Korea – $2,356,078
Brazil – $2,284,006
Russian Federation – $1,718,361
France – $1,703,512
Denmark – $1,654,614
United Kingdom – $1,327,882
Canada – $1,307,092
Germany – $1,304,784

According to the research provided by Unikrn, it was found that similarly to last year, the USA leads the way at the halfway point of 2020 with players winning roughly $7 million in prize money. China and Korea switched 2nd and 3rd positions from 2019 but remain within the top 3.

Brazil saw a major improvement in rankings, raising from 9th to 4th after their victory in the Magic World Championship which netted them a $300,000 prize. Denmark experienced a high turnover in prize money with 173 players averaging $9,564. Although they were not included in the top 10, Bulgaria experienced the highest prize-money-to-player ratio making them an honorable mention.

It is possible that we might witness changes in ranks 4 – 10 during the rest of 2020, but it is predicted that the USA, China, and Korea will remain within the best esports countries top 3.

The top 10 best esports countries – FAQs

  • Which country is the best at esports?

The USA is reported to be at the top of the list of countries best at esports as they have earned a total of $7,280,222 in average prize money. This average is given across all esports leagues that the USA has competed in.

  • In which country is esports the most popular?

Although the USA tops the list of prize winnings in esports, 2019 esports statistics reported that esports viewership is greater in Asian countries. This would make countries like China and Korea to have a greater esports following compared to other countries.

  • What country are video games most popular?

In terms of revenue per game market, China has reported the greatest share with roughly $41 million. The USA came in second with $37 million and Japan in third with $19 million.

  • Which country has the best esports players?

South Korea has been ranked first being home to players like “Faker” and “Bang”. China came in second with players like “Uzi” who competes in League of Legends.

  • Which country is the best at League of Legends?

South Korea has been reported to have the best teams and players in LoL. SK Telecom T1 and Samsung have been ranked as the top 2 teams in the League of Legends competitive league. Even teams that are not Korean are home to great Korean LoL players.

  • What is the most-watched esport?

The most-watched esports has been found to be League of Legends with nearly 4 million viewers.

  • Which country plays PUBG most?

China comes in at number one for being the country that plays Player Unknown Battlegrounds. India has come in second and the USA in third for PUBG players. These statistics take into account the PC and mobile versions of PUBG.