Thunderpick Rewards & Ranks: How to Join in the Giveaways


How does your Thunderpick Rank influence what Thunderpick Rewards you could receive? Thunderpick Rewards offers a chance to win cash prizes, plus more items coming in the near future, every week as part of its new loyalty scheme.

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Earn Rank Points with Thunderpick and you can gain more tickets entry into more prize draws as you climb the rankings! For more about this site, check out our Thunderpick review, and for more information about Thunderpick Rewards, read on!

What is my Thunderpick Rewards Ranking?

Your Thunderpick Rank is where you rate in Thunderpick’s Loyalty Scheme depending on how many Rank Points you have earned.

  • The more Rank Points you earn, the higher up the loyalty scheme you will climb.
  • The loyalty scheme boasts five ranks from bronze through to challenger
  • Each rank is divided into five levels.
  • Climb these levels in each ranking to move on to the next rank in the system.

thunderpick rewards

You can view your Thunderpick Rank, by looking at your account avatar in the top right corner of your screen (on both desktop and mobile). If you click on your account name or avatar, you can confirm your rank by going into Profile from the scroll-out menu.

How Can I Improve My Thunderpick Rank?

There are three ways you can earn Rank Points to increase your ranking within the system:

  1. Betting on Thunderpick: For every €1 bet with cash or locked funds, you receive 100 Rank Points.
  2. Invite a Friend to Sign Up: The value of your referred friend’s deposit in coins will equate to the number of Rank Points you earn.
  3. Add to your Steam Name and play games: Every 24 hours, you will receive 50-1500 Rank Points depending on your current Ranking.

Rank Points earned in any of these three ways are combined in your total to give you the current level you are for your current ranking.

Once you complete all five levels within a ranking, your ranking will then move on to the next in the sequence.

Your ranking is important as it is what determines how many entries you get at each ranking level for the weekly Thunderpick Rewards Prize Draws.

What are Thunderpick Rewards and What Could I Win?

  • Thunderpick Rewards are a series of benefits and bonuses that are available to customers through a series of prize draws.
  • Depending on your Thunderpick Rank, you will receive a number of tickets into one or more of the prize draws.
  • The number of tickets you receive, and which prize draws you are entered for, depends entirely on your ranking and Thunderpick crypto spending on the site.

For example, if you are on the lowest rung of the ladder, Thunderpick Bronze, you’ll qualify for the Bronze Giveaway. But if you are one of the Thunderpick VIP members or have reached the highest ranking level, you qualify for the Challenger Giveaway, as well as all the other draws below this level.

Each ranking, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Challenger is also broken down into five further sub-rankings and where you rank each week within these sub-rankings will determine how many tickets you receive as entry into the prize draw for your overall ranking.

Giveaways at Thunderpick

thunderpick rewards

As I write, there are five weekly giveaways offering cash prizes, but the company has confirmed that other prizes will follow in the weeks coming.

Each of the five giveaways is drawn on a weekly basis at the following times:

  • Bronze (€50 Weekly Prize) – Wednesday 4pm UTC
  • Silver (€150 Weekly Prize) – Thursday 4pm UTC
  • Gold (€300 Weekly Prize) – Friday 4pm UTC
  • Diamond (€500 Weekly Prize) – Saturday 4pm UTC
  • Challenger (€1,000 Weekly Prize) – Sunday 4pm UTC

The more tickets you can earn by climbing the five levels within your ranking, the more chance you have of winning a prize in the draw.

You can earn a maximum of five tickets for each prize draw.

However, if you hold a higher rank, you will automatically receive five tickets for entry into the prize draws below your ranking.

For example, if you are a Level 2 Diamond player, you will receive 5 entries into each of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Prize Draws, plus two tickets into the Diamond prize draw. However, you won’t have tickets to enter the Challenger prize draw.

This is one of the most generous reward schemes we’ve seen on an esports betting site, so why not check out your Thunderpick ranking now to see what prize draws you are eligible for?

Open a Thunderpick account and claim your bonus
100% up to €/$600
with your first deposit
Premier Crypto Esports Betting Site
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