Best CS2 Coaches: Ranking the Most Successful Counter-Strike Coaches


Behind every great team is a great coach, which is why only the best CS2 coaches find success, deserving the spotlight. Our best CS2 pro coach list is based largely on their team’s results in CS2 so far.

Carrying out a massive impact on and out of the server, here’s our list of the top 5 CS2 Coaches.

5. XTQZZZ – Team Vitality

Best CS2 Coaches
Image Credits: IEM

On his grand return to Vitality, XTQZZZ managed to lead his team to a BLAST Fall Final victory, while fielding a completely new player in William “mezii” Merriman and breaking FaZe’s 18-match win streak.

However, due to him having attended only two tournaments as a coach in CS2, he can not place higher on our best CS2 pro coaches list. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that he is one of the top Counter-Strike 2 coaches in the world.

  • IEM Sydney 2023: 13-16th
  • BLAST Fall Final 2023: 1st

4. Imbt – Monte

best CS2 coaches
Image Credits: Epicentre

Monte have made a big step up this year, especially in CS2, as they made several deep runs at tournaments, even winning an international LAN. A part of their success has to be attributed to lmbt, the former MOUZ coach.

The Ukrainian’s input has been invaluable to Monte, with the international roster continuing to punch upwards and making consistent leaps in their performances. They could be the ones to look out for when betting on CS2.

  • IEM Sydney 2023: 7-8th
  • Roobet Cup 2023 (online): 2nd
  • Thunderpick World Championship 2023 (online): 3-4th
  • ESL Challenger Jonkoping 2023: 1st

3. sycrone – MOUZ

Best CS2 Coaches: Ranking the Supporting Staff in 2023
Image Credits: IEM

sycrone took over the coaching position in MOUZ after his impressive stint at MOUZ NXT, where most of his players originate from. He has enjoyed a lot of success since and looks to be in good stead to continue progressing with his team in CS2.

The Dane seems to have great chemistry with his roster, especially Kamil “siuhy” Szkaradek, with whom he forms MOUZ’s leadership duo. All of the above make him one of the best CS2 pro coaches in the world.

  • IEM Sydney 2023: 3-4th
  • Thunderpick World Championship 2023 (online): 7-8th
  • CS Asia Championships 2023: 2nd

2. T.c – Complexity

Best CS2 Coaches: Ranking the Supporting Staff in 2023
Image Credits: BLAST

Complexity have improved tremendously in the past couple of months and T.c must have played a big role in their rise to the top of Tier-one Counter-Strike. He’s one of the few representatives of the African region in professional CS, along with his in-game leader Johnny “JT” Theodosiou.

It also helps that T.c has one of the best CS2 players in Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski at his disposal.

  • IEM Sydney 2023: 2nd
  • Thunderpick World Championship 2023 (online): 9-12th
  • BLAST Fall Final 2023: 3-4th

1. NEO – FaZe Clan

Best CS2 Coaches: Ranking the Supporting Staff in 2023
Image Credits: DreamHack

Being the coach of the best CS2 teams in the world meant that NEO was a given to take first place on our top Counter-Strike 2 coaches list. The Polish legend already has three trophies under his belt and he’ll be looking to expand his collection in future CS2 tournaments.

Despite FaZe having one of the best in-game leaders in the world Finn “karrigan” Andersen on their team, there’s no doubt that having the best CS2 coach in the world behind them was a massive factor in their success.

  • IEM Syndey 2023: 1st
  • Thunderpick World Championship 2023 (online): 1st
  • CS Asia Championships 2023: 1st
  • BLAST Fall Final 2023: 2nd
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