Where to Watch CSGO: How to Watch CSGO Live Streams and Replays


Welcome to our guide that tells you all you need to know about where to watch CSGO. This first-person shooter has captured the imagination of gamers all over the world, and so there is little surprise that lots of people want to watch the best CSGO teams in the biggest Counter-Strike tournaments.

So we’ve created this guide that gives you a quick start to finding the best places for live CSGO streams, Counter-Strike replays and everything else you want from this iconic esports title. Plus we can even show you some awesome sites that’ll let you watch a live CSGO stream and put down a Counter-Strike bet at the same time. So keep reading to see where you can watch CSGO!

The best place to go for a CSGO live stream now

If you want to watch the best CSGO matches, you’ll be wanting to watch the biggest esports competitions, and they don’t get much bigger than ESL. At the moment, if you want to watch ESL Pro League Counter-Strike matches, you’ll have to do so via the official ESL channel on Twitch.

This features a variety of different channels for different languages, and you’ll find that it provides you with all of the information you need about the upcoming schedule, standings and so on. Plus it’s worth mentioning the fact that Twitch gives you exhaustive coverage of CSGO matches beyond ESL, and it’s particularly good for any DreamHack CSGO tournaments.

where to watch csgo

Above all, Twitch simply understands esports like CSGO and it’s got a great community feel that’ll add a little atmosphere, and it’s a good place to pick up tips for esports betting too. When you factor in the fact that Twitch is free to watch, then it’s really a must-visit place for any fan of this iconic first-person shooter.

Other great places for a CSGO live stream

The good news is that everywhere from YouTube and Facebook to MLG.TV and beyond now let you watch live CSGO live streams. Take a look below and see what your options are!


Obviously, there is a lot more to watching CSGO than just Twitch and YouTube has been gaining ground in its coverage of the first-person shooter. You may not find quite as much official coverage for things like ESL on YouTube, but it’s still a good place to come for fan-uploaded footage of tournaments like ELEAGUE and so on. Plus we have to mention the fact that top esports teams like Team Liquid and FaZe Clan have earned a strong reputation for uploading exclusive content to their own YouTube channels. Well worth a look!


This social media giant has been instrumental in the rise of CSGO streaming. After all, Facebook was the main broadcast partner for the ESL Pro League for a number of years. This meant that you could only watch the live action on the social media channel. What’s best was the way that Facebook pushes things forward with some innovative virtual reality ideas that offer a glimpse of what CSGO streaming could look like in the future.

where to watch csgo replays

Where to watch CSGO replays

So we’re not talking about those ancient CSGO Replay Controls here. Those features of the CSGO Demo Viewer allowed you to create video highlights, analyse your previous games or even just bask in the glory of a match-winning performance.

Instead, it’s where certain CSGO teams or tournaments allow you to watch back over what happened in a particular game. The HLTV gaming platform has a good example of this as it has built up a massive resource of replays of professional teams. Perfect for seeing how those iconic CSGO players of old earned such legendary status!

Beyond this, it’s worth noting that the ESL Twitch channel also lets you watch past editions of a live broadcast via the ESL VOD feature. However, you can also go pretty much anywhere from YouTube to MLG.TV and still find lots of replays of the biggest and best CSGO tournaments.

Where to watch CSGO live and put a bet down

The great news is that there are lots of CSGO gambling sites that now feature live streams of most major and minor Counter-Strike matches. This means that you can just go to the live betting page of a particular CSGO game and there you may find a live Twitch or even Huya stream embedded onto the page.

Not only does this give you a quick and easy way of watching the live CSGO action, but it means that you can get an extra degree of accuracy over your esports bets. After all, the live CSGO odds will be changing with each play of the game, so you’ll probably need a little more than the live score to work off.

Just remember to stick with those esports betting sites that give you consistently competitive CSGO match odds as this determines what kind of payout you get should you win your bet. Plus it’s worth noting that you may have to be signed up to the betting site and logged into your account to view the live CSGO stream. Below are our most recommended esports betting sites:

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Stick with us to know where to watch CSGO

It’s important to note that things move fast in the world of Counter Strike Global Offensive. Various licensing deals are taking place all of the time and this means that the best place to watch CSGO today might not be the same tomorrow. After all, coverage of the ESL CSGO games has been switching between various channels like Facebook and Twitch, and we can expect that pattern to continue in the future.

As a result, we will be keeping this page updated with all of the latest information you need about how to stream the very best CSGO matches from the biggest tournaments. So keep it here so that you always know where to watch CSGO!

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