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If you’re brand new to Dota 2, or if you don’t play the game at all, betting on Dota 2 items might not be for you. These in-game rewards can take the place of any real money transactions you might make, but that also means that you can’t win money by betting on your items. Item betting on Dota 2 has been a little controversial in its history and is not necessarily sanctioned by Valve. Hence, it’s definitely time to make sure you’re betting at a 100% legit site. Our guide to betting with items will give you everything you need to know about.

Our top sites for safe Dota 2 betting

Using Dota 2 item betting sites is risky and not recommended. It is much safer to use verified real-money betting sites that are licensed and regulated. Protect yourself by choosing a reputable and trustworthy site from the ones listed below:


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How Does Dota Item Betting Work?

Dota 2 betting has never been easier, and while we must advise caution when it comes to betting items, it is actually quite simple to get started once you know a bit about what you’re doing. The hardest part is choosing the right provider!

That being said, the very first thing you’ll need to get started are some items. The best part about this is that you can get items in Dota simply by playing the game. You don’t need to spend all your money before making any bets. Items can be found after matches, in caches, treasure boxes, or in the shard store.

Once you’ve got your items, you’ll need to submit them to a legitimate Dota 2 item betting site that’ll allow you to trade items by attaching your Steam profile. It’s worth noting as well that you won’t get to assign the item value, unfortunately. This is because the supply and demand for the items on the Steam marketplace dictate the value. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get ripped off! If you have any old or rare items available, they can be worth some pretty decent bets.

Now comes the tricky part: knowing where and who to bet. Remember, betting Dota 2 items is not for the faint of heart, and you’ll need to be rigorous in your research and choose a provider that’s right for you from a pretty limited list.

Dota 2 items

Is Dota 2 Item Betting Legal? – Some Murky Waters

While esports betting, in general, has become wildly popular over the last few years, there is still a bit of a question mark over betting Dota 2 items. This is because way back in 2016, it was announced that Valve themselves would send cease and desist letters to a number of third-party Dota 2 item betting sites. However, despite their claims to eliminate item betting altogether, Dota 2 skin betting is alive and well in 2022. It seems that the intention was to remove dodgy sites claiming legitimacy by allowing item betting through Steam.

It certainly makes sense that Valve and Steam wouldn’t want players to be taken advantage of and have their potentially very valuable items stolen. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t legit sites out there! It also doesn’t mean that you can’t bet items on Dota 2 legally. It all comes down to making the right choices in terms of providers.

The best course of action when deciding whether you want to delve into the world of item betting is to check out reviews from users, professional review sites and people you trust. Similarly, perhaps avoid placing a bet on your most valuable item the first time you try a new site. That way, any potential losses will be minimized.

Why Bet on Dota 2 Items: Niche Markets

With so many ways to make money with Dota 2 these days, some people may wonder why item betting is even a thing. Surely it can’t be as exciting as betting to win serious cash? Well, for some players, it’s not all about winning cash from their bets. Veteran players and even some newbies will know the excitement of unlocking an Arcana or Immortal for your favorite heroes, but those opportunities don’t come around very often.

Betting Dota 2 items can be a great way to get Tiny’s Christmas tree or a cool new Pudge hook without spending a lot of money buying it outright. Furthermore, if you’re finding yourself grinding and grinding out chests in a battle pass and still not getting the items or skins that you want with those annoying “Ultra Rare” tags, a quick little bet can save a lot of time.

There are really very few limits on what items can be bet. In fact, some betting sites for Dota 2 items even allow you to play for discontinued chests. That means that if you spot an item you love, but it hasn’t been available to purchase for a while, you can still be in with a chance to get your hands on it.

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What betting sites accept Dota 2 items?

For such a niche area of esports betting, it’s not a case of logging into any online sportsbook and instantly betting. In fact, even a lot of sites specialising in esports betting won’t have a dedicated item betting section again, mostly because of restrictions by Valve. Remember that even if you’re looking to bet with real money, a site that offers item betting is not automatically trying to scam you. Having all of your options open means you get the best of both worlds!

While you may need a new set of Dota 2 betting tips, the best place to look is at existing item trading platforms such as DMarket. At these sites, you’ll be able to link your Steam account and transfer your items from your own account to your betting account. Once you’ve done the heavy lifting of picking a site, placing bets and receiving your items is very straightforward.

What are the best Dota 2 items to bet with?

This will be pretty subjective, but perhaps we can offer insight into how people who bet Dota 2 items think. It goes without saying that the higher the value item you bet with, the higher value of your bet. Dota 2 gambling sites worldwide are always looking for the best ways to bet, so bringing those potentially valuable items could help you win big. Just as when you’re betting with real money, it could be worth placing a riskier bet with a lower-value item.

When first starting, we would recommend some lower-level items, including Uncommons or Rares. While it might seem like you’re not making very much out of your bets, this will give you a good platform while you get used to a new betting style. It would feel pretty bad if you immediately went in and bet with a spare Arcana or perhaps even a discontinued chest, only to lose it immediately. Get into the swing of things before betting your Dota 2 items. The more you spend time getting to know the market, the less you’ll have to lose!

Key takeaways

The most important takeaway when betting Dota 2 items is that you’ll need to be even more cautious than when betting with real money – and that’s pretty cautious! Many household-name betting companies won’t allow item betting simply because Valve does not endorse it.

From their perspective, it doesn’t make much sense to have a product betting with items when it could be banned at any point. But if item betting is right up your street, there are safe and legit ways to do so and consulting our list of the top sites is a great place to start.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bet items in Dota 2?

There’s good news on this front! Although they’re a little rarer than your average esports betting site, it’s perfectly legal to bet Dota 2 items. While it may be frowned upon by Valve, and it’s certainly worth checking your local laws, Dota 2 item bets are readily available in the right places.

Where can I bet my Dota 2 items?

Betting Dota 2 items doesn’t have to be really complicated, no matter how daunting it may feel at first. Once you have linked your Steam account to a legit item trading platform, it’s just a case of finding the best matches or tournaments and placing your bets the same way you would with real money. We have a full list of recommended betting sites for Dota 2 items available to make the process as quick and painless as possible.
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