TFT Comps for Beginners: A Comprehensive Guide

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Published: May 30, 2024 - Last Updated: May 31, 2024

A multiplayer strategic game mode in the well-known video game “League of Legends” universe is “Teamfight Tactics,” or TFT. TFT has amassed a sizable following among players of all skill levels since its release in 2019, providing a distinctive and engaging experience that is both accessible and difficult. In this TFT comps for beginners guide, we will delve into the world of TFT, looking at how TFT comps work, how to choose them, how to read the meta and finish off with some mistakes you definitely want to avoid.

tft comps for beginners guide

What are “TFT Comps” and how do they work?

In TFT, players put together teams of champions and place them on a chess-like game board strategically to outmanoeuvre and beat their rivals. With a meta that is constantly changing and champions and updates being released frequently, TFT provides players with countless chances to improve their abilities and fight for the top spot.

The term “comps” in Teamfight Tactics refers to the various champion, item, and synergy combinations that players can use to assemble their team and take on rival teams. Comps are a crucial component of TFT because they decide a player’s overall strategy and playstyle for the duration of the game.

Comps can vary greatly based on the champions and items available, as well as the current meta-game and opponent strategies. Some builds prioritize a strong frontline to soak up damage, while others prioritize a high-damage backline to inflict massive amounts of damage to enemies.

Some comps may be based on particular champion synergies, such as “Aegis” or “Mecha: Prime,” while others may be based on item synergies, such as a comp that combines attack damage champions with aura items that provide attack speed to others.

Players who are new to  the game can quickly climb the TFT ranks by paying attention to the points we are going to share on the best TFT comps for beginners here

tft comps for beginners

Image credit: Riot Games

How to choose TFT comps

Success in Teamfight Tactics depends on picking the correct comp. A strong combo can aid players in dominating their opponents while a weak comp can result in failure.

Here are some things to take into account when selecting a comp:

By considering these factors, players can increase their chances of success in Teamfight Tactics and build a comp that works well for them.

How can you read the meta?

It can be difficult to read the trend in Teamfight Tactics, but doing so is essential to winning the game.

The term “meta” describes the status of the game right now, including the champions, items, and comps that are most in demand and efficient.

Here are some guidelines for understanding the meta in TFT:

Players can better their ability to read the meta and decide which champions and comps to use in Teamfight Tactics by using these suggestions.

best tft comps for beginners

Image credit: Riot Games

Best TFT Comps for beginners

In TFT, the meta changes with frequent updates. A comp you play during one week and think is very strong may not perform the same a week later. With that in mind, here are the best TFT comps of Set 8 for beginners according to the stats:

Common mistakes to avoid

OverspendingManaging your economics in TFT is crucial. Spending too much gold early on will leave you with little gold and few options later on. To ensure that they have enough resources to construct the desired comp, players must balance their gold income and spending.
Forcing a compForcing a specific team composition, without taking into account what the game provides, leads to a weak and ineffective team. While it’s crucial to have a strategy for your competition, it’s equally crucial to be adaptable and take advantage of what the game has to offer. A team that is weak and ineffective can result from forcing a comp that is not being given.
Incorrect itemizationFailing to construct items that enhance the strengths of champions and team composition results in weak and useless champions.
Poor positioningThe result of a battle can be significantly changed by strategically placing your champions. Placing champions carelessly leads to defeats and losses in battles.
Focusing on one championConcentrating only on one champion leads to a weak and ineffective team. Players should strive for a balanced team that can deal with a variety of circumstances and opponents.
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