Best Valorant Crosshairs – Which crosshair is the best for you?

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Published: May 25, 2021 - Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

Becoming a great Valorant player is no easy task. It requires effort, dedication, and a lot of practice. Still, many overlook the smaller details that can make a significant difference and alter the way you play the game, the most important one being the choice of picking the best Valorant crosshair that suits your style.

While the default Valorant crosshair will get the job done, many feel the need to adjust it according to their personal preference. The crosshair is a tool that helps you aim better, so making it feel right for you is a necessary step that will take your aiming game to the next level.

Which crosshair is the best for you?

While we follow the Valorant streamers to learn all the tips and tricks from them, including their own crosshair setups, it’s important to tweak those crosshairs to make them perfectly suited for you.

Some players prefer a wider crosshair, while others might enjoy a more minimalistic dot crosshair. The best Valorant crosshair also means choosing the right color, and deciding whether you want to have the outlines or not. This is something that we can all do, and through a lot of thought and testing, we can create the best Valorant settings for us.

The best crosshairs the Valorant pros use

We’ll mention some examples of good Valorant crosshairs that the pros use. It’s important to mention that while these crosshairs might work perfectly for the pros that use them, it doesn’t mean that they will be the most comfortable ones to use for you. This is where your creativity and imagination kick in.

The TenZ crosshair

good crosshairs for valorant

The most common Valorant crosshair that pro Valorant players use is 1-4-2-2 crosshair. This is the crosshair that TenZ, Wardell, Babybay, and many others use. It’s a very comfortable Valorant crosshair that works like a charm.

The three colors most of the pros opt for are white, cyan, and green. These three colors work really well, as they allow the crosshair to be clearly visible while not standing out too much from the environment. If you find it hard to aim at your targets with this crosshair, try adding an outline.

White crosshair with a black outline provides the perfect contrast, which should allow you to pick off your targets with ease.

Crosshair TenZ uses:

If you feel that something’s missing, use this crosshair as a default and work from there. Many Valorant pros like Hiko will use a similar variation of this, where they’ll change it to 1-4-2-3, adding just a bit more space in the center of your crosshair by changing their Offset from 2 to 3.

The Dot

Valorant best crosshairs

This is the best Valorant crosshair for players who love to one-tap and aim for headshots. An example of this is Team Liquid’s ScreaM. He’s an absolute beast when it comes to landing headshots, and even during his CS:GO career he was a player with one of the best headshot ratios.

Of course, the dot crosshair won’t be for everyone, and especially the players who haven’t mastered their aiming skills yet. However, those that have will find the dot crosshair very snappy.

An example of such a crosshair is 1-0-0-0, and for those true minimalists, it’s even 0-0-0-0. If you’re confident you can land those shots with just a single dot in the middle of your screen, without any extra clutter around it, this is the Valorant crosshair for you.

Crosshair ScreaM uses:

Tips for making your own Valorant crosshair

Now that we’ve mentioned the best Valorant crosshairs that Valorant pros use, it’s time for you to be creative and come up with your own variations.

For starters, pick one of the two and build upon it. Ask yourself if you’re a player that tends to spray more or go for one-taps? Depending on your answer, pick a crosshair and start working on it.

If you find it hard to spot your crosshair and your aim suffers, look at one of the three colors we mentioned above and try changing them. Once you find the color that suits you, decide whether you need an outline or not. If you still have trouble aiming, add an outline and that should fix your issues.

And lastly, remember that once you create a good crosshair for Valorant, you’ll have to practice with it to get used to it. Later on, your muscle memory will take over and you’ll be sniping shots like never before.

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