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Rising into prominence as the most popular mobile MOBA title in the world, Honor of Kings has been restricted to China for a long time. However, with a global release, the worldwide gaming and esports communities will be able to play Honor of Kings in parallel to its international adaptation – Arena of Valor. Given the phenomenal growth of this game whilst restricted to one, albeit gigantic, market the HoK esports ecosystem is now also expected to grow and with that will come more events and opportunities to bet on this esport. On this page, find out about how to bet on Honor Kings and which are the best Honor of Kings betting sites and tournaments.

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How to Bet on Honor of Kings

honor of kings betting

Kickstarting your Honor of Kings betting journey is a simple process with a few steps at first. While it may seem overwhelming, it’s as easy as five steps:

  1. Sign up to an esports betting site – Register with one of the esports betting sites featured above. These sites are reviewed by us and are licensed and regulated by recognised gaming authrities which is why our recommended esports betting sites are arguably the safest sites out there.
  2. Benefit from a welcome bonus – As part of your selection process for an esports betting site you should be looking out for welcome bonuses for new users. These usually include an extra cash that can boost your bankroll when making your first deposit. These bonuses are ideal for testing out the site.
  3. Make your first deposit – With your account set up, your start to HoK betting is one deposit away. Review the list of payment methods available on the site and pick the one that you prefer. All esportsbooks will offer you a range of payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer and ewallets. If the esportsbooks is classifed as a ‘crypto’ operator you’ll be able to transfers funds to your betting site wallet from your crypto wallet or exchange using the address indicated on the betting site.
  4. Review Honor of Kings markets – Head to the esports betting section of your site and review the available HoK markets and odds. Consider reading our Honor of Kings betting tips below, such as studying the markets and HoK tournaments.
  5. Place your bet – Select the markets you want to bet on and stake. You’ll find your bets in your bet slip.

Honor of Kings Betting Markets

honor of kings betting

As a multiple online battle arena or MOBA (as explained below), the approach to betting for Honor of Kings is similar to titles such as League of Legends and Dota 2.

Specifically, there are two means of classifying Honor of Kings betting markets each with their own esports odds.

Firstly, we have standard and special bets. With standard bets, such as outright map, match and tournament winner, users bet on the outcome of the face-off between two or multiple competitors.

  • Standard bets iclude handicap options, which is an attempt by esports bookmakers to even the odds in one-sided affairs. Overall, standard bets require less in-game knowledge and betting experience.
  • Special bets (also referred to as exotic or prop bets) require a bit more experience and definitely Honor of Kings specific and in-game knowledge. Special bets allow users to bet on specific outcomes in a match which don’t necessarily result in a team winning such as: odd/even markets, correct score, most kills and multi-kills, quardra-penta kill, match MVP and others.

The other types of betting involve the timing of the event – pre-match or live betting.

  • Pre-match betting is more traditional, setting in your bets before the match kicks off
  • Live betting (also referred to as in-play) allows you to place bets in the midst of the action whilst the match is underway.

Esports betting may either be done from a website or through esports betting apps.

Knowing these betting markets is essential in the context of our other Honor of Kings betting tips.

Honor of Kings Betting Tips

honor of kings betting

In esports betting, hnowledge is power. The same applies to Honor of Kings betting.

Here are some betting tips to get you started:

  1. AoV or HoK? – One thing you’ll need to know is that Honor of Kings, as a mobile title based in China is related to Arena of Valor, which is an international adaptation of Honor of Kings. Certain tournaments are based on AoV and others on HoK – this focus of this page HoK. If you’re interested in AoV, we’ve set up a dedicated Arena of Valor betting guide.
  2. Know the top HoK tournaments – HoK tournaments range from regional season leagues to international competitions, each with different stakes and HoK betting opportunities. Check out the list of HoK tournaments in the next section.
  3. In-game knowledge – This is the best way to learn what the statistics mean, how the game works and in-game knowledge in general is to simply play the game on your own mobile phone.
  4. Learn the history of HoK esports – Knowing the most popular and successful players and teams will provide valuable insight for your next Honor of Kings bets.
  5. Discipline and safety – As always, make sure to practice safe, responsible betting, with approaches such as bankroll management and only betting when fully cognitive of your actions.

Best HoK Tournaments

While there are tournaments for both AoV and HoK, the following listed events are exclusively S-Tier and A-Tier HoK tournaments:

King Pro League Spring 202310th February - 13th May 2023
Honor of Kings Asian Wave 2023 Season 127th April - 3rd June
Honor of Kings Asian Wave 2023 Season 227th July - 7th September
King Pro League Summer 202314th June - 10th September
Honor of Kings Brazil Championship 202312th August - 8th October
Honor of Kings Challenger Cup 202313th October - 5th November
Honor of Kings International Championship 202325th November - 30th December

Other lower-tier HoK esports tournaments include:

  • King Growth League – Tier 2 scene
  • HoK National Competition – Tier 3 scene
  • HoK Streamers League – casual competition for streamers

Let’s dive into the details of the top events every year.

King Pro League: Regular Season

  • As the highest league tournament of Honor of Kings, the King Pro League is arguably the highlight of every season.
  • Taking place twice every season in two splits, it’s divided into KPL Spring and KPL Summer and each of these tournaments lasts multiple months with many stages.
  • In these regional tournaments, the best Chinese Honor of King teams compete for prizes and are seeded into the top HoK tournaments.

Namely, these are the HoK International Championship and the Challenger Cup.

Challenger Cup: Domestic Major

  • Although the HoK Challenger Cup sounds like a lower-tier competition, it is the highest tier of HoK domestic major tournaments.
  • For the past three years, the Challenger Cup has delivered the answer to the burning question – who’s the best HoK team in China?
  • As the founding region, the competition at the Challenger Cup is some of the best in the entire season.

HoK Brazil Championship 2023: Making History

Although not the most impressive of prize pools, the newly created HoK Brazil Championship event is massive for the esport.

For the first time ever, HoK is expanding beyond China and entering South America as a precursor to the global launch of HoK esports.

HoK International Championship 2023

honor of kings betting

With a whopping $10,000,000 prize pool on the line, there’s no esports event like the HoK International Championship.

That’s because it combines teams from both Honor of Kings and Arena of Valor to compete under one single roof for global dominance. Teams from Brazil, KAW, MENA, Vietnam, Thailand, LATAM, Japan and more are competing in the second-ever iteration of this event.

Last year saw eStar Pro rise to claim the throne over both AoV and HoK.

How is Honor of Kings Played?

Honor of Kings plays out like any other MOBA.

Set on a fixed map with three lanes and connecting lanes at certain parts, teams of five look to climb up the map and destroy the enemy’s home base or crystal for HoK.

Players may choose from a number of characters which are part of classes according to their preference:

  • Tank
  • Warrior
  • Assassin
  • Mage
  • Marksman
  • Support

As time passes, players earn currencies from farming enemy minions and winning engagements against other players. These currencies allow for upgrades and in-game items to be purchased.

Working with your team, you plan the best means of attack to defeat enemies and take their crystal.

This simplicity and high-ceiling play is why there are over 100 million daily players on Honor of Kings.

Image Credits: Tencent

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