NBA 2K Betting: All The Best Betting Sites 2023

If you’re a fan of basketball and gaming, then the popularity of NBA 2K can’t have escaped your attention. One of Sega Sports’ most popular sporting titles, the company first developed a basketball game in 1999. Over 20 different incarnations later, NBA 2K was released and has been the benchmark title for online basketball gaming ever since. Check out our ultimate guide to NBA 2K betting here!

NBA 2K Betting Sites

If esports betting is your thing, then Loot.Bet is a great option for all your NBA 2K wagers. The site is a genuine esports betting site that features a wide selection of bets across the full range of esports, and it offers an extensive range of bets on the NBA 2K League. Read out Loot.Bet review to find out more about this site.

However, if you prefer a site that offers you a decent starter bonus when you sign up, then a couple of other options are Esports and Thunderpick Esports. Both these sites offer a great value starter bonus when you sign up and both also offer sports betting in addition to esports betting. There is also little to choose between the two when it comes to the excellent range of NBA 2K gambling options they have on their site.

How to Bet on NBA2K

When it comes to NBA betting, it is easy to tune in to watch a game live on TV and the news outlets often carry many of the details you need to inform your betting selections. When it comes to NBA 2K betting, it can be a little more difficult to understand what the best ways are to bet. Outlined below are five top tips to follow when betting on NBA 2K League action.

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  1. Do your research – The same rule applies to esports betting on the NBA 2K League as it does any form of sports bet. The more research you do about your potential bet, the teams and players involved, their current form, any changes to the line-up, tactics etc, then the better informed you will be when you make a bet and the more likely you will make a good judgment call.
  2. Bet only what you can afford to lose – This is particularly important. Having a sensible and responsible approach to betting is key to enjoying the experience. A good rule of thumb is never to bet more than 1/20th of the available funds in your bank, even if you think the bet you are placing is a dead cert. Betting on esports and in particular NBA 2K league betting can be somewhat volatile at times, so play it safe and sensible.
  3. Watch the Live Streams when you can – If you can tune in to watch a live stream of a game you have bet on then this is a great idea. Not only can you keep tabs on your bet but you can identify the main reasons why your bet is a winner, or why it lost. This not only gives you feedback on your decision making when making the initial NBA 2K bet but also helps inform any further bets you make in the future too.
  4. Compare the odds for the bet you want to make – While odds on most NBA2K betting markets are generally comparable across sites, sometimes a site may have an offer or promotion that will offer you better odds on your chosen bet. As such, it can be prudent to have several different betting accounts with several different top-ranking esports betting sites. This gives you a greater spread of odds to choose from for your bets and also means you can take advantage of more than one introductory offer or promotion too.
  5. Never chase your losses – NBA 2K betting is like any other form of gambling, you will win sometimes and lose at other times. Ensuring that you can accept this and not rush to recoup your losses with a series of rash bets is fundamental to responsible gambling. Similarly, don’t get too greedy if you hit a winning streak and start to bet increasing amounts that way, you are just one loss away from undoing all your good fortune!

NBA 2K Betting Markets and Odds

If you are looking seriously at NBA 2K betting for the forthcoming season, then you are going to need to know what the best and most common betting markets are, and what to do to try and get the best possible NBA 2K betting odds when you place a bet.

In general, when you are placing a wager on the NBA 2K League, you can find these bets most commonly available with most esports betting platforms:

  • Outright winner of the game – (Home Team or Away Team)
  • Total Number of Points Scored – (Over/Under a stated number)
  • Total Points Scored by the Home Team – (Over/Under bet)
  • Total Points Scored by the Away Team – (Over/Under Bet)

Other markets may be available with selected bookmakers too.

In terms of finding the best odds, this is always a tricky issue. While the odds on markets are generally very close to each other across all major esports sites, there are still discrepancies at times in the odds available for a specific bet. Unfortunately, the site which offers the best NBA 2K betting odds on one market is generally not the same site that offers the best odds on the others!

More experienced punters can and do use several different accounts with different top-ranked esports betting sites, like those listed above, to ensure that they get the best odds on their bets and ‘shopping around’ in this way, often using an odds comparison site, can ensure you get the best odds on the NBA 2K bet you wish to make.

NBA 2K League

The NBA 2K League is a venture headed by the NBA and Take-Two Interactive and is the first official professional esports league operated by a United States-based professional sports league.

Unlike other sporting simulation esports, such as FIFA, each NBA 2K team comprises five players who will play one of the five starting positions you have in a standard Basketball team. As such, NBA 2K team squads need more players than other sports-based esports.

2018 saw the first NBA 2K League tournament competed by 17 teams, with Knicks Gaming winning the title. The following year four more teams joined the league, and it was one of those expansion teams, Wolves Gaming, who lifted the coveted trophy in 2019 at their first attempt.

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For the 2020 tournament, a number of qualifying events, such as the NBA 2K League Qualifier, the NBA 2K League Combine, the NBA 2K League European Invitational and the NBA 2K League APAC Invitational (hosted in Seoul, South Korea) saw thousands of players compete to try and earn themselves a place in the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft.

In 2020, the NBA 2K League expanded from 21 teams to 23, with two new teams, Gen.G Tigers (based in Shanghai) and Hornets Venom GT (based in Charlotte), joining the league. The NBA 2K Draft took place on February 22nd in New York, with the 23 teams competing in the league drafting players from the pool to add to the players they had retained from the previous season. A total of 138 individual players were drafted in readiness for the new season.

Before the third NBA 2K League in May 2020, the organizers had also run several curtain-raiser events, including the NBA 2K Three for All Showdown, which featured professional players from various American sports competing in teams of three against each other.

NBA 2K Betting FAQs

How Similar is NBA 2K league betting to traditional basketball sports betting?

NBA 2K gambling is actually very similar to the types of bets that you would make on the standard NBA. Many of the markets are the same (such as betting on who will win a game), while others are similar but slightly adapted to fit into the esports version of the game.

Is NBA 2K betting legal?

If you are betting in a country or state where esports betting is legal and provided you are of the legal age to wager where you reside, then betting on NBA 2K is entirely legal.

Where can I watch NBA 2K Live?

There are a number of live streaming services that show the NBA 2K League action live, including Twitch TV, YouTube, and the ESPN network.

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