100 Thieves Launch Free NFTs

Published: Feb 5, 2022

Something that is getting extremely popular these days is for games and esports to attempt incorporating NFTs into their systems, which no gamer is a fan of, as they do not have any practical use.

They do not seem to have any long-term environmental impact either. However, it seems unavoidable, and 100 Thieves appears to have joined the NFT hype train.

What are NFTs?

Before getting deeper into the story, let us explain what NFTs are. Non-fungible tokens are a new thing in the world of blockchain technologies, where it allows artists to sell their digital art.

Image Credits | 100 Thieves

Anything can be an NFT, from a picture to full animation, a song, and even a Twitter post. Understanding NFTs is complicated, but when it comes to the general opinion, people will either praise it as the next best thing or the next worst thing.

How to get your 100 Thieves NFT?

Interestingly, this NFT is entirely free to pick up, and you can even add it to your crypto wallet. The 100 Thieves NFT represents the team’s celebration of winning the League of Legends LCS 2021 Championship. It is funny that the founder of the organization avoided calling it an NFT, and instead, he referred to it as a “commemorative digital 100 Thieves championship chain”.

You can claim your free digital chain(totally not an NFT *cough*) by going to the special redemption website. You can either create a wallet on the site or use MetaMask or WalletConnect to claim it instead.

The community is not happy

Of course, this is not the first time an esports organization would attempt to get into the world of NFTs and spread the “great” news about it to their fans. In 2021, Sentinels also revealed a limited edition NFT to celebrate their win in the Valorant Masters, which you probably know if you have been dabbling into some esports betting for Valorant.

On the other hand, G2 announced something more significant than a single NFT. They announced a whole G2 Samurai Army NFT collection, and of course, people disliked it, as no one wants to collect digital art. People hate the 100 Thieves NFT because people expected an option to get a physical item, and not something that they can stare at on their screen, which has no value since it is free.

However, the biggest of backlashes is still not related to esports, but it is related to one of the best MMORPGs at the moment, Final Fantasy 14. That is because Square Enix had the idea to implement NFTs as a crucial part of the game, which would turn it into a “play-to-earn” game in one way.

Big companies and organizations are trying to get NFTs to become a thing in the gaming industry. But they should realize that the community really hates the idea of them impacting the games they are so passionate about, and many dislike NFTs more than loot boxes, which means quite a lot.

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