100 Thieves Part Ways With Seven

Published: Jan 10, 2022

The new Valorant Champions Tour season is drawing closer and 100 Thieves still haven’t completed their lineup. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy behind closed doors.

They’ve just released Johann “seven” Hernandez, who joined as a substitute at the time when steel was benched. Although he was a part of this prestigious esports organisation for a couple of months, the reality is that he didn’t get the chance to play a single match with the team.

100 Thieves look to rebuild around Hiko, Asuna, and Ethan. There’s no indication as to who’ll be joining them, but we’re expecting the announcement to come out pretty soon.

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Seven is a Free Agent Once Again

Seven is currently a free agent, but not for long. In his Twitter post he states the following:

“Thank you 100 Thieves for everything, grateful for the opportunity but it’s time to move on. announcement very soon though”

It’s the usual farewell message you’d expect, but the “announcement very soon though” part is what we’re interested in. This indicates that seven already has some things planned that he’ll reveal soon. Despite not playing any matches with 100 Thieves, he was involved in other teams, which might have earned him a spot.

Overall, this move is probably the best possible outcome for seven since he’ll finally be able to actually play for a different team. If he remained in 100 Thieves, chances are that he would’ve stayed in the substitute position and wasted his talent on the bench.

We don’t know who broke things off first, whether seven decided to leave or if 100 Thieves let his contract run out. Whatever the case may be, he’s out. We’ll be looking forward to Seven’s announcement, and we hope he’ll find more success in the next team he joins.

Fresh New Season

100 Thieves have been one of the best Valorant teams throughout the first Valorant Champions Tour season. They started off their Valorant journey by winning the First Strike North America and proceeded to dominate the NA region along with Sentinels, Envy, and a few other teams.

They were nearly guaranteed a spot at the Valorant Champions, but their luck ran out in VCT: North America Last Chance Qualifier. This tournament was plagued with issues and delays.

And while all these problems were occurring, 100 Thieves were sitting in the upper bracket final awaiting the next challenger. Rise were the ones to challenge them, and against all odds, they won.

Cloud9 Blue finished the job in the lower bracket final and suddenly 100 Thieves were out.

We didn’t get the chance to see them face off against the best Valorant teams in the world such as Gambit or Acend. Had they competed in the Valorant Champions, the NA region might not have fallen apart so quickly.

In any case, they’ll have their second shot at the title in 2022, but it’s going to be a long journey. They best prepare now while they have the time, which is roughly one month before the action begins. They already have a strong core, but now it’s just a matter of adding the finishing touches. The two last players will most likely be hand-picked by 100 Thieves.

We expect them to reveal their full roster in the coming weeks, so we’ll keep an eye out. Make sure to stay tuned.

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