100 Thieves Reveal New Valorant Roster

Published: Apr 16, 2022

Just a few days after Hiko’s retirement from competitive Valorant, 100 Thieves dropped another announcement and revealed a fully revamped Valorant roster.

The American esports organisation signed Derrek “Derrek” Ha, Brenden “stellar” McGrath, and William “Will” Cheng. Bang remained with the organisation, although technically still on loan, which left Asuna as the only remaining member of the original First Strike 100T lineup.

Ethan “Ethan” Arnold has been benched and will look for another team to continue competing in the Valorant Champions Tour.

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A Well-Rounded Team

100 Thieves had a really rough start in 2022, kicking things off with a 1 – 4 run in the VCT NA Challengers 1 and getting eliminated in the group stage. This was certainly not how the organisation envisioned their new season, so major changes were expected.

As soon as Hiko’s retirement was announced, it was clear the team was getting a major overhaul.

So now that the news is out and the final lineup is formed, we have to say it looks good. In a video released by 100T on Twitter, we could see all five players in their roles.

Will and Asuna will bring the big guns; Will playing on Jett and Asuna on Reyna. This combo alone will ensure 100T always have enough firepower to take down the enemy and make aggressive plays.

Next, we have Stellar who’ll be playing Chamber, providing support from the backline and sniping any unsuspecting souls who wander into the open.

And lastly, there’s Derrek and Bang. These two players will act as 100 Thieves’ safety net and provide control. When combined together, Derrek’s Sova and Bang’s Omen will sow chaos and destruction on the battlefield.

All in all, the roster definitely looks well-rounded and balanced. But as always, we’ll have to wait and see how it proves in real action.

What Happens Next for 100 Thieves?

100 Thieves will look to continue competing in Valorant esports, but they’ll have to be much more careful this time. They lost a lot of VCT 2022 Circuit Points by dropping out so early, so they’ll have to make it up somehow.

The VCT Stage 1 Masters are in full swing, but as soon as the event is over it’ll be time to work on the second Challengers. It will be a long journey filled with lots of pressure, but 100 Thieves will have no other option other than to endure it with patience.

What the fans really want to know is whether 100 Thieves will keep the roster the moment they encounter their first setback, and there will be one eventually.

They made a lot of snap decisions in the Stage 1 Challengers, releasing ec1s and BabyJ, while simultaneously signing Bang and jcStani on loan. Shortly after, they dropped jcStani and Jovi as the head coach. All of this made no impact on their performance, and some would argue that it just made things worse.

So the question is – how will 100 Thieves act if they don’t achieve the results they hope for? Will they scrap the entire roster and start from scratch, or will they invest into building a strong team with the foundations they already have? Guess we’ll see soon enough.

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