100 Thieves Reveal Valorant 2022 Roster

Published: Jan 18, 2022

The North American VCT Stage 1 Challengers begin in less than a month and we’re still anticipating some major roster announcements in the coming weeks. The first one to break the ice were 100 Thieves who just shared their new Valorant lineup for 2022.

The new lineup includes the ex-FaZe Hunter “BabyJ” Schline and the former Team Liquid and NiP pro, Adam “ec1s” Eccles. The two players now find themselves in a high-stake environment and will have to to fill in some big shoes.

From Europe to North America

Adam “ec1s” Eccles is the fifth and final member of the new and revamped 100 Thieves Valorant roster. He’s entering an uncharted territory where he’ll have to adapt to new playstyles and different strategies of the North American region. This also presents new opportunities for him to adopt new skills and sharpen his aim.

He’s the second European player to be signed by an NA team in the recent months. We first reported on Gen.G signing Emir “rhyme” Muminovic, who was also a former NiP pro player.

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Ec1s adds a lot of flexibility to the team, providing some much needed control to the already strong core lineup that includes Hiko, Asuna, and Ethan. While he probably won’t be the main playmaker of the team, he’ll still be a crucial piece of the puzzle that is 100 Thieves.

He expressed his excitement on Twitter, saying the following:

Thank you everyone for the incredible support yesterday from the 100T announcement and to all the fans I promise you will work my absolute hardest day in and day out to get the results you deserve in 2022!

He’s clearly motivated to prove himself. We can’t wait to see him in action with 100 Thieves.

BabyJ on Sentinel Duty

BabyJ left FaZe last year, on November 2nd, and he’s been waiting for the right opportunity all this time. But the wait is finally over, and he can now resume his Valorant esports career with 100 Thieves.

His agents of choice are Cypher and Killjoy, two excellent Sentinel agents that can provide a lot of vision and area control for his team. He’ll pair well with ec1s, and together they should be able to cripple the approaching enemy and prevent their advance, while giving the rest of the 100 Thieves squad enough room to work their magic.


Just like ec1s, he was also ecstatic with the announcement and posted the following message on Twitter:

Today was a dream come true. Thanks to all that made today special. Cannot wait to get into the server with the boys and collect some W’s. 2022 is our year.”

100 Thieves Going for the Title

The last VCT season was a real roller coaster for 100 Thieves. They were one of the strongest squads in NA for the longest time, but things turned sour in the last stretch of the tournament.

The VCT NA Last Chance Qualifier was the final chance for 100 Thieves to make their way to the Valorant Champions, but at the very end, they faltered and finished 3rd. While still a pretty solid achievement for any Valorant team, it was quite a disappointment for the fans of 100 Thieves.

They didn’t get the chance to fight against the top Valorant players in the Valorant Champions. More importantly, they missed their chance to pick up that trophy and be crowned as the world champions. They have their second shot now, so we’ll see how things will go.

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