The 2016 World Fantasy Esports Championship At Alphadraft: Prizes, Rules And Strategy

Published: Jun 21, 2016 - Last Updated: Sep 29, 2022

[toc]The path begins now for those seeking the fame and fortune of being crowned the 2016 World Fantasy Esports Champion. AlphaDraft is looking to promote fantasy eSports in a new way, starting with their inaugural Word Fantasy Esports Championship. The first step on the road to the 2016 WFEC Finals is qualifying for the WFEC Qualifier and playing in Satellite WFEC contests.

Inside the Word Fantasy Esports Championship


So how do you find a Satellite WFEC contest? Satellite WFEC contests are the first entry points for those embarking on the quest for glory. You’ll need a WFEC Satellite Ticket to participate, which can be purchased anywhere from $0.50 to $2.00. Those who place 1st will be awarded a Qualifier ticket.

Check back with AlphaDraft frequently, as Satellite and Qualifier contests have already started popping up on their website. AlphaDraft will also publicly promote contests through their Twitter feed. In addition, future newsletters will list dates and times for upcoming contests.

What happens after you get a Qualifier Ticket? Now that you’ve either earned a Qualifier ticket (or purchased one), it’s time to step your game up. Qualifier contests will be set up in the same fashion as Satellite contests, but the competition is sure to be tougher. More risks will need to be taken to rise to the top. There is no word yet on if individuals can sell their WFEC Finals ticket if they prefer (these can not be purchased from AlphaDraft, unlike the previous two contest steps).


How will the WFEC Finals play out? Those who place 1st in the Qualifier contest will automatically earn a ticket to the WFEC Finals, where a total of 40 players will  compete for the grand prize. Each ticket has been valued at $1,250.

When is the WFEC Finals? The WFEC Finals is slated to take place during the second weekend of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship (specifically the weekend of October 6th). All of the contests will be held online, through AlphaDraft’s website. There can only be one winner. Do you have what it takes?


Now let’s talk money. The cash prize pool for the WFEC finals is projected to be $45,000. This will be dispersed based on the performance of the 40 finalists (and their placing). Below is a breakdown of the distribution of the cash prize pool:

1st place – $15,000
2nd place – $10,000 3rd place – $5,000 4th place – $3,500
5th – $2,750 6th – $2,250 7th – $2,000 8th – $1,700 9th – $1,500 10th – $1,250

What are the perks for the Grand Prize Winner? If you’re lucky enough to be crowned the 2016 World Fantasy Esports Champion, AlphaDraft is prepared to treat you like a king. Below is a full list of the perks given to the winner:

How can I win these type of contests?

The first step is obviously picking a tournament and joining. Developing a strategy is huge, and AlphaDraft has stated there will be no ties (more on tiebreakers later). Since there will be only one clear cut winner each tournament, taking the proper risks will decide if you’re moving on, or staying home. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Find players with high ceilings who could have a breakout performance on that day
  2. Determine which team will have a dominating performance that day, and pick multiple players from that team
  3. Research. Research. Research. This can’t be stated enough. Check out writers who do weekly predictions
  4. Analyze the data that’s available

Standard AlphaDraft League of Legends scoring rules apply to all WFEC Qualifiers and satellites, as well as the WFEC Final. Here’s a quick rundown of the standard AlphaDraft scoring rules:

Tiebreakers and eligibility hoopla

So what’s the deal with tiebreakers? In the event that multiple players tie for 1st place in Satellite contests, no ticket will be dispersed. The cash value of the ticket will be split among the winners (Qualifier tickets are currently priced at $10.00). If multiple players tie for 1st place in a Qualifier tournament, a private play-off will be held to determine a winner.

In the event of a tie for 1st Place in the WFEC Finals, the tying 1st place finishers will compete in a private play-off contest on the following day of the 2016 World Championship Group Stage (October 7th). The loser of the play-off will receive the WFEC 2nd place prize ($10,000 cash), while the winner of the play-off will receive the Grand Prize.

What about those pesky eligibility rules? Participants in the WFEC have to be over the age of 18. All residents in the United State of America and Canada must comply with Alphadraft’s Terms of Service. Residents that live in restricted states cannot participate in the WFEC tournament.

All U.S. residents who make the WFEC Finals will be required to provide an active address and their social security details prior to the beginning of the contest (failure to do so will result in a disqualification). These details will be used to file a 1099-MISC with the Internal Revenue Service for any players whose net profit on AlphaDraft during 2016 exceeds $600.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Fantasy Esports Champion? Check out AlphaDraft daily for a list of available contests to enter!

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