What Are The Key Details Of Betway’s 4 to Frag Promotion?

Posted on May 3, 2019 - Last Updated on January 18, 2023

If esports bettors have one complaint about their favorite betting sites, there are not enough esports promotions available. Many sites don’t offer any esports promotions at all; on some, you can use your introductory offer in conjunction with esports betting.

However, Betway is one of the few sites that does offer its esports betting enthusiasts a little extra with 4 to Frag.

What is 4 to Frag?

4 to Frag is a prediction game similar to the Betway’s 4 to Score or 4 to Win promotions on the sports betting side. In the esports version, you pick which player will get the first kill in select CS:GO games.

The first and most exciting thing to note about this promotion is it’s free.  In each competition, there will be a selection of four CS:GO matches. Listed under these will be the name of the players on the two teams. Your aim is to predict for each of the four games listed, which player will be the first to land a kill on the opposing team (also known as a “frag” – hence the title of the promotion).

If you correctly predict all four players to land the first frag in their games, then you will earn a share of the £5,000 cash prize. How much is entirely dependent on how many other players predict correctly as well: the prize fund is divided equally among all winners.

4 to Frag terms and conditions

Some of the key terms and conditions to know for the 4 to Frag promotion are as follows:

  • You must own a valid Betway account to participate.
  • You are allowed one entry into each 4 to Frag competition only. Players that operate multiple accounts will have all their entries into the tournament reviewed and removed.
  • The top prize for each round of games will always be £5,000 unless Betway decides to offer a different amount.
  • You must submit all of your four selections for the 4 to Frag round before the start time of the first eligible match. Submissions after the start of the first game will not be accepted.
  • Your entry, once submitted, cannot be edited.
  • Should the first kill of one of the featured games be either a team kill or a suicide, then the second kill of the match will count toward the competition.
  • Prizes will be split equally between the winners in each round.
  • The first kill will be decided by the HLTV Game Log. HLTV will confirm all results.
  • If a team replaces one of their players before a game, then the replacement will become the default selection for those punters who selected the original player.
  • If a match is postponed for longer than 48 hours, then the round will be voided. However, if a match is postponed but subsequently played within 48 hours, then the result from that match will stand.
  • If you win a prize on the 4 to Frag promotion, then in order to withdraw your bonus you need to have passed Betway’s Know Your Customer protocol and have a valid payment method registered to your account.
  • Players in Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Georgia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Ukraine are not eligible.
  • All entries must be completed by customers aged 18 or over.
  • Should you win a prize on the 4 to Frags competition, you could be asked to participate in publicity or campaigns by Betway.

In addition to this, should you be lucky enough to win a prize:

  • All prize winners will be informed of their win either by phone, SMS, or email within 48 hours of winning.
  • All winners should be contactable within seven days. If Betway cannot contact you within that time period, your prize will be forfeited. Be sure your contact info is updated.
  • Your prize will be credited to your Betway Sports Account within 72 hours.

All prizes are based on a cash amount of £5,000 though there are different amounts for players in different countries. For example, the New Zealand Dollar prize is $10,000. Still, all prizes roughly equate to £5,000.

Other Betway esports promotions

It is easy to see why Betway’s 4 to Frag promotion has become a big hit. But the site also has a number of other promotions available.

Esports Objectives

If you have a Betway account, you can participate in the site’s Esports Objectives promotion. There are three separate aspects to this offer, the Weekly Reward, which if completed then allows players to access the other two bonuses, the Weekly Quest and the Weekly Bonus Quest.

Weekly Reward

To claim your Weekly Reward, simply place £25 worth of esports bets on any single or multiple-selection betting market at odds of 1.75 (3/4) or greater.

If you complete this offer, you will receive a £10 free bet within 24 hours of your last qualifying bet triggering the bonus. This offer runs from midnight on Monday through to 23:59 on Sunday each week.

Once you complete this bet, you unlock access to the other bonuses.

Weekly Quest & Weekly Bonus Quest

These two offers can change from week to week and are similar to the Weekly Reward bonus. However, they usually require a smaller wager (say £10). For that, you get a bonus free bet (usually worth £5).

The quests are themed. For example, for this week’s Weekly Quest, players need to bet £10 on Overwatch to claim their free bet. And for their Weekly Bonus Quest, they need to wager £10 on slots to receive their £5 free bet.

Betway can and does change the criteria for its Quest bonuses each week to allow players a range of different betting on esports and other Betway services.

Betway Free Bet Offers

The online bookmaker is also now including esports more regularly in its Free Bet offers. For example, this week if you place £10 worth of bets at Betway Live Casino and £10 on the Intel Extreme Masters event in Sydney, then you will receive a £10 free bet.

These promotions are more ad-hoc than the 4 to Frag or Weekly Rewards promotions. But over the past few months, there has been an increasing number related to esports.

Betway Boosts

Betway Boosts now apply to selected esports markets. Each day, Betway will select a particular bet from an esports market and boost the odds on that selection to make it one a great value option.

These offers tend to be updated each day with a new betting boost available every day.

As you can see, Betway is really pushing the envelope when it comes to offering bonuses and promotions for esports bettors. Why not log in today and give these promotions a try?

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