9 Pandas vs SAW Odds & Best Bets – CCT Online Finals

Published: Dec 5, 2023

The CCT Online Finals 5 journey continues for both of these teams, as 9 Pandas takes on SAW in one of the two Lower Bracket semi-finals. In these 9 Pandas vs SAW Odds & best bets, we’re using Pinnacle odds to learn more about this exciting match.

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9 Pandas vs SAW Match Preview

CS2 odds used in this article were provided by one of the best CS2 betting sites, Pinnacle.

9 Pandas

Despite their promising results earlier in the competition, 9 Pandas got absolutely trounced by BIG in their Upper Bracket semi-final, meaning that they are now facing elimination in this matchup. Danill “d1Ledez” Kustov was the only player to have a positive rating on his team against the Germans, which isn’t a good sign ahead of their upcoming match.

However, if the 9 Pandas roster learn from their defeat against BIG and regroup before facing SAW, then they still have a solid chance at taking the win and staying alive in the tournament.


Excluding their loss to Aurora, SAW have been rolling over their opponents in CCT Online Finals 5, not having dropped a single map in their three series victories. This great form bodes well for the Portuguese squad, as they seem to be very well-prepared for their next challenge in the form of 9 Pandas.

The Iberian roster has faced elimination twice before and stepped up under the pressure. To progress further, they’ll have to continue delivering top-tier performances.

9 Pandas vs SAW Odds & Best Bets - CCT Online Finals
Image Credits: Pinnacle

9 Pandas vs SAW Odds & Prediction

Pinnacle Esports, provide great odds for CCT Online Finals 5 matches, and this game is no different, with 9 Pandas being the narrow favourites. Nevertheless, this Lower Bracket semi-final is up for the taking.

  • Prediction: 9 Pandas (1-2) SAW
  • Odds: 9 Pandas Win (2.050/+105), SAW Win (1.781/-128)
  • CS2 Betting Site: Pinnacle

Odds are correct at the time of publication and subject to change. 

Hero image credit: ESL

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