100 Thieves Update: Ssumday secures NA residency, Abbedagge joins from Schalke 04

Posted on April 20, 2021 - Last Updated on April 21, 2021

With MSI still on the horizon, 100 Thieves wasted no time solving their conundrum in the midlane as they secured the services of Felix “Abbedagge” Braun from Schalke 04. 100 Thieves seemed like the third-best team in NA after the lock-in tournament. However, a steady decline in results due to their distrust in Damonte and lack of faith in Ryoma saw them crash out of the playoffs earlier than expected.

This offseason, 100T wasted no time in correcting their personnel issues with the signing of the German mid. Will the Abbedagge signing finally be the answer to all their World Championship aspirations? And how will the NA LCS Predictions look like with another European mid laner in the mix?

Thieves Ransom

In record time, 100 Thieves have outdone themselves once again in the offseason. Once the announcement hit the surface that Ssumday was ready to normalize as an NA citizen, they wasted no time in releasing their second bombshell. Signing Abbedagge at a high point of his career is one of the better signings 100T have been able to pull off in recent memory. But will this be a signing that marks a new era for the franchise or another disappointing failure en route to Summer Split?

For one thing, the results at 100T haven’t been easy to predict given the variance in their top player’s performances. Ssumday was undoubtedly one of the best players in all of NA last year, but his performances this season have left fans of 100T clamoring for something more. At times, Sssumday looks lost and aloof in the top lane as he’s died in a bizarre number of ways that have cost his team big during those crucial do-or-die moments.

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Losing stability from your best player as you introduce four new ones during the split did a number on 100 Thieves’ confidence down the stretch. As personnel changes led to mixed results, the trust had all but disappeared for 100T and with that, their hopes of a top-three finish in Spring disintegrated quicker than a snap from Thanos. For our League of Legends Predictions this Summer, we expect 100T to make a raucous comeback into the top three picture as they rally around their newest addition to the squad.

In Abbedagge We Trust

Now the stage is set for Abbedagge to rule this team with an iron fist. 100 Thieves were at their best when Ryu captained the team to victory on the back of his consistent playmaking in mid. Abbedagge doesn’t possess the same mechanical gifts but the intellect on the rift is similar to the talent that is needed in order to succeed overseas.

Building on the back of an excellent mechanics display all Spring long, 100T fans should be foaming at the mouth to see what Abbedagge can provide for this team. With a competent top lane and Jungler in Ssumday and Closer, 100T have a legitimate carry threat in each role. Now more than ever, the cogs need to start rolling in the right places in order for this team to recapture World Championship glory the way they’re used to.

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