Abios Launches Odds Service With Brand New CSGO Betting Products

Published: May 18, 2023

Have you ever wondered why some of the most appealing betting products you can find to bet on sports, are not likely to be available for esports?

Well, soon that may no longer be the case with Abios, a leading esports data provision service, set to launch their new betting product which will offer CSGO bettors the chance to enjoy an increasing variety of bet types.

The data, which the company supplies to its partner sportsbook and esports betting services, will allow customers to place such bets as same-game parlays (or accumulators), player prop bets and flash market betting for the first time.

Additionally, the new service will also offer round-by-round betting, as well as being able to bet on game-specific events, such as predicting the number of kills a player may achieve in a certain round and likewise.

abios new csgo betting product

“Unites the features”

Commenting on the release, the CEO of Abios Oskar Froberg remarked:

“We are happy to release a product that unites the features we’ve seen at the forefront of sports betting with esports.

“While we have seen that many operators are including esports in their offerings, there is a growing demand for better esports products.”

“With the same-game bet builder, round-by-round betting and player props, we believe CS:GO is finally ready product-wise to reach the next frontier, to become one of the top-tier sports in terms of turnover in sportsbooks.”

Crying out for more thoughtful betting options

While there has been a boom in the number of CSGO betting sites, and esports betting sites in general, both as standalone sites and as part of a larger sportsbook/casino offering, there is no doubt that the betting offers for esports pales in comparison to those for sports betting.

It is an issue that esports data providers such as Abios are keen to address, given the massive potential that exists for these betting products to appeal to a vast number of esports bettors.

In the Abios esports betting report published in March 2023, the company highlighted that many esports bettors prefer in-play betting (60%) to traditional pre-match betting (40%).

While not alluded to in the report, it is abundantly clear that there is going to be a need for a more diverse range of betting options that this new odds service from Abios will certainly provide.

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