Activision Blizzard Under Fire for Using Strange Diversity Tool

Published: May 18, 2022

At this point, it should come as no surprise that Blizzard has done something to upset people as if they just have to be in the bad guy spotlight all the time. In the past year, there have been so many things going on within Blizzard that it is just baffling how they can come up with new things to make people angry.

While the topics in question before were mostly focused on a single thing, such as sexism, discrimination, or abuse…which they are all being sued for by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, this time, the issue is a little bit of everything.

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What is the diversity tool?

To cut the story short, it is a tool used by developers within Blizzard that helped them create characters who are different from one another. In theory, this might seem like a good idea, as bringing new and unique characters to the game is always exciting, but the way they did it is a bit odd. In essence, it is a heptagon that will show eight different things about the character and how it differs from others. The attributes are:

While this may still seem fine on paper and as an idea, the part where it gets bad is where each attribute has a certain value. How in the world does someone have a sexual orientation value of 0.714? Considering how toxic the environment at Blizzard was, and it still apparently is, this diversity tool comes as no surprise.

The tool is not helping Overwatch 2

Those who are passionate about esports betting have probably gotten quite an interest in Overwatch 2 as it entered beta last month. While the start of the beta did seem quite fun, after just a month, the state of Overwatch 2 does not seem that fantastic in the eyes of the community. Most agree that it just feels like a big patch instead of a new game.

If it were advertised as a patch, that would be fine, but since the official release is still unknown, it is a bit disappointing. Of course, the fact that Blizzard revealed how they are creating characters for the game makes the whole view on Overwatch 2 even worse.

Will Microsoft be able to save this?

A lot of people are assuming that Microsoft has already been dabbling in certain things within the company after they announced the acquisition of Blizzard back in January. However, the deal will not be closed until next year, which is probably when things are going to see a real change. Until then, we can hope that Blizzard as a company is capable enough of not digging themselves deeper into trouble with various scandals.

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