Activision Forces Closure of Warzone Cheat Provider

Published: Aug 5, 2021 - Last Updated: Sep 18, 2021

In the last few months, Raven Software, the development body behind Warzone, has allegedly banned half a million cheaters. However, to this day, there is still something of a plague present in Verdasnk and Rebirth, and cheaters are still circumventing the bans. Although, news has just dropped that Activision has secured a big win over the wrongdoers by forcing a popular cheat provider to close.

Hours ago,, a prominent Warzone cheating platform, was taken offline. This website claimed to offer users ‘undetected’ hacks and cheats, such as aimbots, wallhacks, and even god mode. In recent weeks, the latter cheat has been one of the worst, with enemy combatants standing firm under fire, refusing to take even a single point of damage.

Now, a blow has been dealt to that hacking and cheating community by Activision. This isn’t the first time a cheat provider has been closed down by Activision, of course, but it is far from being the last one.

One Small Step For Activision

Since Call of Duty Warzone first launched in March 2020, it has been functioning without an effective anti-cheat service. In many online and multiplayer titles, an anti-cheat service is the first line of defense against hackers. Bizarrely, despite many of Warzone’s competitors employing an anti-cheat service, Activision has thus far neglected to integrate one with the popular battle royale title.

Instead, Raven Software pushes out waves of bans, but this isn’t a final solution. In many cases, hacks like those found on are somewhat sophisticated, and players are becoming much smarter. They’re turning to IP spoofing services and VPN platforms to disguise their presence online, which helps them avoid hardware bans.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing stopping a hacker or cheater from opening a fresh Activision account and starting all over again. It’s the biggest blocker to Warzone’s total success, and if the landscape was free of cheaters, it would be a much better place. Online, Warzone is regularly mocked and derided for its high concentration of cheaters – it isn’t a good look for the title.

Is It Time To Abandon Ship?

For Activision, the future may be looking a little bleak. It isn’t just the everyday, run-of-the-mill fans and players that are having an awful experience, but also the streamers, esports competitors, and content creators.

Recently, NICKMERCS, ones of the most prominent Warzone creators, publicly abandoned Warzone in favour of Apex Legends. He was killed by yet another hacker, live on stream, and instantly closed the game to boot Apex. Now, although Apex isn’t as popular as Warzone, it is becoming so, as that game does have an anti-cheat service in use.

As the year unravels and other titles become available, Warzone might find itself floundering. For example, Battlefield 2042 will launch later this year, and the industry is already anticipating a huge shift from Call of Duty to Battlefield.

If Activision and Raven Software aren’t quick to act, Warzone may be dead inside of a year.


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