Aim Lab New Official Training Tool For VCT EMEA

Published: Feb 8, 2022

Aim Lab, the training platform devoted to improving player performance in first person shooting games, has agreed a three-year partnership with Riot Games VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) EMEA.

The deal starts with the 2022 VCT EMEA season and will last for three years.

The VCT and Aim Lab will initially begin work on producing content for spectators and competitors in the VCT EMEA, with a focus on how players improve their gaming skills through the training exercises and warm up sessions devised by Aim Lab.

As part of the deal, Aim Lab will officially become the training tool for the VCT EMEA.

The deal further increases Aim Lab’s influence in the VCT as the company has already worked in the North and Latin American regions previously to great effect.

Image Credits | Riot Games

“Burgeoning Ecosystem”

Such a deal can be seen to be a way for Riot Games to try and increase fan engagement with not just the VCT, but also the game itself, as Eva Suarez, the Senior Manager of Business Development and Partnerships at Riot Games points out.

Players are only as good as the tools they’re given, that’s why we are incredibly proud to have Aim Lab and their state-of-the-art FPS training platform on board for the next three years,

Such a lengthy investment into our burgeoning ecosystem serves as a strong indicator of their commitment to our league and also to our wonderful VALORANT community.

VALORANT has experienced an increase in interest and participation over the last few years, with a number of high profile esports stars making the switch to play the game from other similar FPS games.

An increase in tournaments and players has seen an increase in interest in esports betting on the game, as well as attracting more fans to watch and try their hand at playing.

It is these fans which this deal between Riot Games and the VCT will most directly benefit.

Overarching Plan For VALORANT

This latest deal with Aim Lab is the latest move from Riot Games in their quest to make VALORANT the go-to First Person Shooter in the esports industry.

Back in December, the company announced a brand new structure for the EMEA VCT in 2022, which showed how players could make clear progress through the pyramid from the VRC Amateur Circuits right the way through to the VCT at the elite end of the sport.

It is also a timely announcement given that the VCT EMEA Stage 1 Challengers 1 will begin on February 11th and will feature the 2021 VCT World Champions Acend in one of the two highly competitive groups.

What is clear is that the new structure for the VCT, with its clearly delineated means of progression, along with this recent partnership with Aim Labs, is part of Riot Games’ overarching plan for VALORANT to become the dominant FPS in esports.

This clear structure is very much in contrast to the somewhat muddled picture on Blizzard’s esports scene.

With Red Bull already signed up as a partner after agreeing a deal earlier in February, it is an exciting time ahead for the VALORANT community.

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