Alinity Twitch streams – a story of accidental nudity and animal abuse

Published: Jan 21, 2021 - Last Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Twitch streamer Alinity is one of a huge number of female streamers whose popularity is partly or entirely based on their appearance. While she does stream some games, a lot of her videos are entirely or partly ‘Just Chatting’, with a rather obvious focus on her generally fairly revealing tops. It’s a far change from her original occupation – studying medicine. It’s not an unpopular approach, really – and one Alinity Twitch streams have focused on for some time.

Natalia Mogollon, as the Colombian currently living in Canada is called, has had anything but a controversy-free career on Twitch. She initially gained fame after a feud with PewDiePie, amassing almost a million and a half followers on Twitch. When she does stream games, she plays stuff like World of Warcraft, Apex Legends, Fall Guys, and the like, but looking at her recent transmissions, there are almost no gaming videos – a continuing trend in her streams.

Alinity Twitch ban

Alinity Twitch ban

Having had more than one scandal and controversy, Alinity Twitch account is quite well-known for some of the issues she has caused. Among them are her several bans for nudity, accusations of animal abuse, and various online feuds with other streamers. Both Ninja and PewDiePie, two of the highest paid twitch streamers, rightfully condemned her for some of the things she’s done on stream.

As for the animal abuse, Alinity was streaming on Twitch and actually threw her poor pet cat over her head and behind herself when he interrupted her game. This wasn’t even the only incident of awful treatment of her pet – in another stream she fed the cat vodka. Naturally, this is also very harmful to the animal.

The SPCA investigated and found that there was ‘no malicious intent’ in both incidents – a questionable judgment at best, or so quite a lot of streaming fans and streamers though. PETA also requested she be banned from Twitch. After several incidents and at least one Twitch ban for nudity, Alinity took a break from Twitch – reactions were divided. One part was understanding of the stress that she faced, while a much larger number was either glad she was gone, or otherwise quite contemptuous.

Alinity Twitch streamer

Twitch’s hypocrisy

While it’s no secret that Twitch is pretty strict about enforcing their TOS, it’s equally well-known that they have some proper double-standards. The fact that Alinity Twitch ban was sparked by a nip slip does show that she isn’t immune, there have been dozens of incidents of less-popular streamers getting perma-banned for things less severe than Alinity has gotten away with scot-free. Not just that, she has profited as well – her net worth is estimated to be around a million dollars. While some followers compared Alinity Twitch donations to “having thousands of ‘sugar daddies’.

Ironically enough, despite these issues, Alinity frequently complains on social media about the unfairness of the rule enforcement (that benefits her). Naturally, she frequently gets criticized for these statements – people readily point out the hypocrisy of someone who has quite literally streamed from a hot tub before. There are streamers who are worse – Twitch Partners who have had half a dozen bans or more – however that does not change the fact that Alinity, as well as Amouranth hot tub stream, is part of the reason why female Twitch streamers are often criticized for creating ‘adult’ content.

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