Alliance.Coven – New Women’s Valorant Team

Published: Jan 20, 2022

It seems that more and more Valorant esports organisations are realizing the potential of Riot’s VCT Game Changers series and are looking to introduce their own lineups into the mix.

Alliance are one step ahead and have just announced their brand new women’s Valorant squad called Alliance.Coven. The members of the coven are Dana “Danah” Al-Madhoun, Julie “Pinkalie” Lim, Laure “Xaline” Mateos, Jade “jade” Duffy, and Lada “h6tedthemost” Kozhemyakina.

The team is excited to get started and show the world what they’re made of. We’ll hopefully see them make their debut in the upcoming VCT: EMEA Game Changers that starts on January 24th.

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Alliance Making Moves

The Alliance organisation will now be competing on two fronts in Valorant esports. Their main team is currently scheduled to compete in the VCT: Stage 1 Challengers – Closed Qualifier 2 where they have some tough opponents.

They had a pretty good run in Closed Qualifier 1, but were sadly outplayed by BIG on two occasions – first in the upper bracket quarterfinals and then again in round 3 of the lower bracket. Hopefully they’ll have better luck in Closed Qualifier 2 and secure the ticket to Challengers 1.

But that’s just one part of the story. Alliance.Coven is their second team that will be representing them in the VCT Game Changers. The organisation has officially joined the ranks of teams such as G2 Gozen, Guild X, and TENSTAR Nova. It’s the beginning of the new season so there will be plenty of opportunities for them to prove themselves.

Alliance.Coven Hype

The members of the new Alliance.Coven team all seem to be in high spirits and they’re excited for the future. They all shared some heartfelt posts on Twitter.

The team’s Captain, Danah, shared her feeling with the fans:

Thank god and thank you all for the continuous support. I will now be playing for theAllianceGG with the girls and my new fam.

Xaline also added:

Super happy to finally announce that we are joining theAllianceGG. Thank you to everyone who will continue to support us, let’s show them.

And lastly, Kelly Ong Xiao Wei, the Chief Strategy Officer of Alliance, wrote the following:

Incredibly proud to announce Alliance’s first ever ALL women’s division. Thanks to the ex-team chatbanned for trusting us with being their first home in esports.

Starting Fresh in 2022

Nothing truly beats the experience of starting a fresh new Valorant season along with everyone else. This means more opportunities to get a good head start and hopefully snowball it into easy invites for future tournaments.

Alliance.Coven will have this opportunity in the VCT: Game Changers EMEA Series 1 in just a few days. However, it might not be such an easy task. They’ll have to contend with teams who already had months of practice, so at times it could be an uphill battle.

But let’s not also forget that this is the ex-Chat Banned squad that competed in Valorant Champions Tour 2021: Game Changers and fought against the best teams. While they didn’t manage to win then, they still achieved some respectable results. With the support of Alliance, they can go even further this year.

We can’t wait to see how Alliance.Coven will perform in the upcoming tournament and whether there will be any huge surprises.

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