Alliance Introduce All-Danish Roster

Published: May 11, 2022

Just like they promised, the popular Swedish esports organisation has announced their brand new all-Danish Valorant lineup in preparation for the VRL Northern Europe: Polaris Stage 2 – Main Event.

The roster features Mathias “SEIDER” Seider as the only remaining Alliance veteran and four new additions. Those are Nichlas “Nille” Busk, Claes “MALFOy” Søgaard, Albert “albert” Mikkelsen, and kodazy. Casper “Desmo” Rasmussen will remain as the team’s coach.

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Why Did Alliance Make the Change?

There’s several reasons why Alliance might have opted for an all-Danish Valorant lineup.

The first and most obvious reason is definitely the fact they won’t be attending this year’s Valorant Champions Tour. They missed their shot and now they’re out of options. Given the situation they ended up in, they had little choice but to release their previous roster. This way, they would give their previous players a chance to compete in different Valorant teams, but also allow themselves to sign a new lineup that’s much easier to manage and one that’s far less costly to maintain.

The other reason for an all-Danish lineup is probably the ease of team organisation. The past few years have been a struggle for many esports organisations, especially when it came to travel. And while the pandemic is slowly coming to an end, organising tournaments and travel visas for the players still seems to be a major problem. Having an all-Danish team will certainly help in that regard.

First Impressions

The new Alliance squad had their first match in VRL Polaris Stage 2 on May 9th and the results were a bit underwhelming. They lost 2 – 0 to Who cars?, who are another Danish Valorant team with far less experience and resources than Alliance. So they’re already off to a bad start. However, this could be the tournament jitters and the new team simply getting used to the pressure of competitive Valorant.

Still, they have an extra six weeks to go where they can fully remedy this situation and come out on top. Their next match will be on May 16th, where they’ll face Human Tripwires, a team previously known as London Esports. We’ll see how they’ll do there.

Will This Team Last?

Right now, it’s almost impossible to say how well this team will do in Valorant esports. Of course, the skeptics will write them off immediately since there’s barely any big names in the team to give it some weight. However, just like any other Valorant team, they still have a fairly good shot at making a name for themselves if they work hard.

Early defeats are expected when it comes to new and inexperienced teams, but those same defeats usually serve as the best lessons for long-term success.

If the Alliance spends this year practicing and preparing for the next VCT season, they might just forge a team with strong bonds and efficient synergy, one capable enough to rival the best Valorant teams in the EMEA region.

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