AlphaDraft Is Expanding, And Is Bringing Fantasy eSports Along With It

Published: Sep 9, 2015 - Last Updated: Sep 26, 2022

AlphaDraft is a betting platform in the fantasy eSports industry.

Similar to its biggest competitor, Vulcun, it offers fantasy gaming opportunities where users form their teams from real players and act as managers in a stat-based fantasy game.

A salary cap that is spent on players is given to participants where players and teams act like stocks. AlphaDraft currently offers daily fantasy betting in the following games:

Member of a lucrative eSports environment

It has been known for a while now that eSports are becoming more and more popular – in viewership and capital involvement in the industry (capital investments, prize pools, sponsorship, etc.).

A few companies are taking advantage in the rising scene by offering fantasy eSports gaming and betting, which is similar to the well-known area of fantasy sports but in the world of eSports.

Currently, there are two big players worth mentioning from the scene: AlphaDraft and Vulcun. Each of them has its specific offers, and combined they take up most of the market share.

The question here is what each company’s future strategy for becoming the bigger player will be.

New betting offers

Currently, AlphaDraft is focused on fantasy esports betting, which means that even though the stats that are used in fantasy games are from real-time events, the members still form a team made up by players that do not necessarily play together in real tournaments.

A possible expansion could be the addition of betting on teams from well-known eSports tournaments, such as The International Dota 2 Championships or League of Legends World Championships.

With quotes that reflect past outcomes and roster changes, this could attract additional players, especially supporters of various teams who are confident in their team’s success.

Adding new games to the eSports betting pool

In an interview, AlphaDraft’s CEO Todd Peterson was asked how the company decides what games the users can bet on.

According to Peterson, the main factors are the size of viewership audience, league structure, and stats availability. With this in mind, Gears of War could potentially fit the description in the future, especially if the newly-created league shows promising development.

“There has to be a reliable way for us to export stats from these games consistently and verify them. We want to provide a great experience for our customers, so it’s important we start each game the right way,” said Peterson.

Peterson also commented on the possibility of console games, saying, “We are building a platform for all major eSports. We love console games!”

Another potential game could be Call of Duty. Even though it recently experienced some bad developments within the betting universe, it’s still a game that attracts lots of fans and has a solid position among popular eSports games.

Time will tell

Seeing the ongoing growth of the eSports environment, betting companies will need to pay attention to what could be the next big trend and to figure out a way for how to capitalize on the development.

AlphaDraft is well-positioned in the game and, according to Peterson, “It’s part of AlphaDraft’s continuing strategy for exponential growth, and we have absolutely no plans to slow down.”

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