It’s Not Your Imagination – It’s A League Of Legends NA LCS Week 9 DFS Lineup

Published: Jul 30, 2016 - Last Updated: Feb 25, 2020

[toc]It’s come down to this. One week is left in the NA LCS Summer Split, and there are plenty of battles raging across the rift.

TSM and Immortals are a combined 30-2 in series this split and are guaranteed to clinch the top two spots heading into the playoffs. Meanwhile, the rest of field includes five League of Legends teams that are within three wins of each other. Only four can make it to the playoffs. Who will it be?

We’re here to get you set on the right path toward your DFS lineup. We’ll be doing a top two as well as one sleeper pick for each position (top, mid, jungler, ADC, and support).

A few quick notes about our DFS projections:

Top Lane

Hauntzer – TSM (21.2 FPPG/$8000)

If it’s not obvious yet, our DFS lineup projections will feature a lot of players from Team SoloMid and Immortals. I know, it’s shocking that the two best teams in the NA LCS also feature some of the best players at each position.

Hauntzer continues to be a rising star for TSM this split. His KDA has not budged from last week, still coming in with a strong 4.4 (0.5 KDA better than the next best top laner). Hauntzer also continues to lead the way in CSPM (7.6) and CS@10 advantage (6.1).

Hauntzer surprisingly struggled some last week against Phoenix1. His 7-10-12 stat line seems pedestrian compared to some of his other performances this split. He still provided plenty of value in team fights against Phoenix1 though.

He should dominate against NRG’s Quas in their second game of the week. You may want to look in another direction when he takes on Immortal’s Huni, however.

Huni – Immortals (23.4 FPPG/$8000)

Huni continues to be focused on hard by enemy teams camping his lane, yet he still puts up stellar numbers each week. This has led to a high number of deaths this split (135, most among top laners). On the flipside, Huni also has 21 more kills than the next best top laner (153) to go with his 241 assists (also tops).

As we just alluded to, it’s been feast and famine for Huni this split. Echo Fox was able to find early success against him two weeks ago (Kez had a great flank gank). Huni found his revenge later in the game though, picking up solo kills on Keith and Froggen. Huni also had a rough series against CLG, going 7-14-18.

Look for Huni to get back on track against Phoenix1’s Zig. I expect his matchup against TSM’s Hauntzer to be a bloodbath as well. Huni has the most kills and deaths among top laners.

Darshan – CLG (19.2 FPPG/$7700)*

It’s been a while, almost the entirety of the split in fact, since we’ve seen Darshan play to his potential. In his post-series interview last week he even mentioned as much, saying it’s taken a while for CLG to feel comfortable in this current meta and build their own, unique composition. Last week we saw great strides in that area.

Darshan seemed to have found a new go-to champion two week’s ago against Cloud9, playing Gnar in all three games and going 6-5-10. He once against played Gnar four times last week. Against Echo Fox, he went 10-1-15 in a stellar performance.

Darshan should find favorable matchups this week against NRG’s Quas. Apex’s Ray may provide some difficulty, but he’s a solid sleeper pick who provides a very high ceiling.


Reignover – Immortals (24 FPPG/$8100)

Currently five of the top six spots in the NA LCS for number of assists are occupied by supports. That’s something we’d expect. What we don’t expect is to see a jungler holding the number three spot with 349 assists. Yet, Reignover has proven his game is multidimensional once again.

It was another great week for Reignover. He went 6-3-22 against Apex, with both games on Gragas. His performance against NRG was even more incredible, going 9-1-16 with a KDA of 25. Reignover was crucial in cleaning up some of Huni’s mistakes as well (an issue Immortals had two weeks ago).

Reignover will have an advantage against Phoenix1 but may struggle against TSM. He’s still a must-start in my opinion.

Dardoch – Team Liquid (22.3 FPPG/$8000)

Dardoch continues to improve as this split carries on, averaging more points than Reignover when his team wins (29.7 FPPG when TL wins). He’s still gravitating toward damage-oriented junglers, hence his 112 solo kills (tops among junglers). His 4.5 CSPM is also tied with Reignover for number one among junglers.

Dardoch looked to push the envelope against a far inferior team in Phoenix1 two weeks ago. That resulted in some greedy deaths (he went 3-8-24 this series). The gap in talent between these two teams allowed him the ability to play this way, and it still resulted in two easy wins for TL.

Dardoch will have to be at the top of his game this week, as his team takes on both Apex and Cloud9. He’s still the second best jungler in NA, and his ceiling is as high as Reignover’s, regardless of the competition.

Svenskeren – TSM (21.4 FPPG/$7600)*

There’s nothing that statistically makes Svenskeren stand out among the top tier of junglers in the NA LCS. Then you realize he plays for TSM, and that provides plenty of upside in and of itself. His 4.7 KDA and 255 assists puts him in the top half of junglers, which makes this a pretty safe pick.

The way Svenskeren outshined Dardoch two weeks ago was perhaps the most impressive performance I’ve seen from him so far. He went 4-1-18, constantly finding the right counterganks and map movements of TL’s Dardoch. However, his play against Phoenix1 could be described as sloppy at best. He was constantly caught out of position, succumbing to Phoenix1’s crowd control after numerous flank gank attempts.

TSM has lost only once this split, and that’s a large part why we can consistently peg Svenskeren to get 20-25 FPPG this split. He should have plenty of chances to score a lot of points against NRG. Immortals’ Reignover will make life difficult for TSM and Svenskeren.

Mid Lane

Bjergsen – TSM (22.1 FPPG/$8200)

The last two weeks have been an MVP-caliber performance from Bjergsen, except for maybe their series loss to Phoenix1. Bjergsen completely dominated Fenix when they played TL, going 10-1-8. He’s been so impressive this split that he nearly overlaps the competition in KDA (7.3 KDA — Pobelter has the second highest among mid laners with 4.8). His CSPM has also risen to 8.8 (top four in the mid lane).

There were a few plays that made Bjergsen look human (like being caught out of position against Phoenix1 multiple times), but his mechanics continue to be Faker-esque. A 3-vs-5, in favor of Echo Fox, resulted in a teamfight win for TSM on the back of Bjergsen. This led to a Baron and ultimately a Game One win.

Bjergsen should have a dominating performance against NRG’s GBM (2.2 KDA — second worst in the NA LCS for mid laners). Bjergsen will have to take on Immortals’ Pobelter however, which will be a challenging matchup.

Jensen – Cloud9 (24.3 FPPG/$8000)

Jensen continues to be a pivotal source of damage for Cloud9 this split, securing 182 kills to date (most among mid laners by 22). That includes 31.3 percent of his team’s damage (top three in the NA LCS).

Jensen’s performance against CLG was a bag of mixed results two weeks ago. Part of that was thanks to CLG’s strategy. (They sent a three-man gank in the very first few minutes of the game). Part of it was just bad play as well.

After giving up first blood, Jensen returned to lane to only lose a one-one-one to Huhi. His Game Two performance was much better on Cassiopeia, but he couldn’t replicate those results in a decisive Game Three.

Jensen will have to play against Echo Fox’s Froggen. While Froggen is an amazing player, Echo Fox is a terrible team in their current state. I really like Jensen here. Jensen and Cloud9 will finish off the split against TL’s Fenix, a dominant midlaner in his own right. Either way, Jensen should get his numbers this week.

Pobelter – Immortals (26.1 FPPG/$8000)*

Pobelter is often overshadowed by the other players on Immortals. The Huni and Reignover combo last split took the rift by storm, and WildTurtle’s redemption story, along with Adrian’s stellar play out of the gate, dominated every Immortals headline. However, Pobelter’s play proves he belongs with this team.

With the rest of Immortals slightly off against CLG, it was Pobelter who picked up the slack to help carry Immortals to a series victory. He ended up with a 3.4 KDA and a 64 percent KP to go along with a statline of 10-8-17. It’s not like CLG didn’t take notice either, as they essentially put Aphromoo on him the entire series.

That resulted in a Game One loss. To everyone’s surprise, Pobelter took out Malzahar for his first appearance in the NA LCS this split, and then dominated.

Some may say Pobelter’s inclusion here really isn’t a sleeper pick. I get that. He has a high price tag, but he’s a sleeper in the general terms of how he’s overshadowed by the other players on his team.

Pobelter is good, and he provides great potential against Phoenix1 next week. It’ll be interesting to see how he plays against TSM’s Bjergsen.

AD Carry

Doublelift – TSM (25 FPPG/$8300)

Doublelift has really transcended himself this split. His 6.5 KDA is tops among ADCs (along with his 169 kills, 8.3 CS@10, and 332 GD@10). Doublelift also averages the highest FPPG when TSM wins (33.3), which, if you haven’t heard, TSM has done a lot of this split.

Doublelift played out of his mind two weeks ago against Echo Fox, despite some struggles from the rest of his team.

He posted a ridiculous 29 KDA and a 94 percent KP (he only missed out on two kills the entire series). This isn’t just from early lane pressure either, as Doublelift has found kills on numerous early ganks (like the one Hauntzer and him performed in Game One). Doublelift struggled against Phoenix1 however, being the victim of numerous Inori ganks.

I like Doublelift in pretty much every matchup this split with the way him and Biofrost are playing right now (along with the rest of TSM). Their matchup against NRG should result in a similar fashion to the way he played against Echo Fox (13-1-16 stat line). Immortals’ WildTurtle will provide better competition.

WildTurtle – Immortals (25.9 FPPG/$8000)

WildTurtle has been featured in this spot so many times we’re just going to make a plaque for him and wheel it out every week. He has the second highest FPPG in the entire NA LCS at 27. While he hasn’t statistically been as great as last split, he still has 174 kills.

WildTurtle was super aggressive against NRG, constantly pushing the envelope of what Immortals was capable of, trying to make plays even when they weren’t necessarily there. That’s the luxury of playing on a team like Immortals though.

What was once a perceived weakness of WildTurtle (it was one of the main reasons he was let go by TSM) is now a strength on Immortals. He finished the series 11-6-15.

Three words. Immortals versus Phoenix1. That should be plenty of reason to start WildTurtle right there. Doublelift and TSM will provide some stiff competition, and that may put a damper on WildTurtle’s fantasy projection.

Stixxay – CLG (20.4 FPPG/$7700)*

It was a rough start to his sophomore split, but Stixxay has played really great as of late. His 9.0 CSPM and 5.7 CS@10 are top two among ADCs in the NA LCS. He’s also contributing in team fights, providing 26.8 percent of CLG’s damage (tops among ADCs) while dishing out 544 DPM (top three).

Stixxay’s rebound this split can be directly contributed to CLG playing more proactive lately. Against Cloud9, it was Stixxay that grabbed first blood after a three-man dive in the mid lane to open the game. Not even Sneaky could catch up to Stixxay after that start. He wasn’t as much of an impact in Game Two or Three, but provided enough for CLG to secure a series win.

Stixxay finds himself with two favorable matchups this week. He’ll take on NRG’s ohq and should also find a decent matchup against Apex’s Apollo. For the price tag, I like the value.


Adrian – Immortals (21 FPPG/$7700)

Even when Adrian isn’t at the top of his game, he still provides plenty of value. Case in point: Immortals’ series win against CLG. Adrian was caught out numerous times when he tried to roam and help the other lanes (like Game Two when he attempted to harass Xmithie but instead gave him first blood).

He finished the series 2-9-35, while still maintaining a 4.1 KDA and an 88 percent KP.

Against NRG, Adrian was back to his dominant self. He went 0-1-24, pulling out Sona in Game Two.

I really like Immortals and Adrian this week when they take on Phoenix1 (even though Phoenix1 is playing better lately, the Cloud9 series showed they still are vulnerable to superior talent). TSM will provide a bit more of a challenge to Immortals, but nothing Adrian can’t handle. I like him in both series this week.

Biofrost – TSM (23.4 FPPG/$7600)

I’m still amazed at just how good of a find Biofrost was for TSM. No one could have predicted him having the highest KDA in the entire NA LCS (8.7). His 45 deaths are also least among any player with more than 20 games played this split.

Biofrost was dominating against Echo Fox, going 1-1-27 (28 KDA). He also had a KP of 90 percent. His Karma was on point (gifted first blood to Hauntzer in Game One). Biofrost was just as good against TL, going 1-3-23 with a KDA of 8 and a KP of 86 percent. He was detrimental in getting Doublelift ahead early the entire series.

I don’t know who is better, Adrian or Biofrost, but I do know they’re both pretty darn good. I like TSM and Biofrost in both of their matchups this week.

Aphromoo – CLG (14.2 FPPG/$7300)

When we put Aprhromoo in this position a few weeks ago he went off. Once again, I’m expecting big things from Aphromoo and CLG this week. It hasn’t been the greatest split for Aphromoo, but he’s in prime position to finish off strong.

Against Immortals, it was a story of two champions for Aphromoo. In Game One, he was dominating on Bard, landing multiple ults and bindings to really propel CLG to victory. However, he had to play Morgana in Game Two and Three, resulting in less than stellar play.

Just like Stixxay, I like Aphromoo in both of CLG’s matchups this week. NRG’s KiWiKiD has had a difficult time against CLG and Aphromoo. I like him against Apex as well.

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