Anonymo vs NAVI Junior Betting Tips, Odds & Prediction

Published: Dec 21, 2023

Only one of these two teams will get the chance to avenge themselves against Spirit Academy in the European Pro League 2nd Division Season 8, as Anonymo face off against NAVI Junior.

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Anonymo vs NAVI Junior Match Preview


As a result of not showing up on the server in their previous match against Spirit Academy, Anonymo find themselves fighting for their tournament life in the Consolidation Final.

Despite the Poles being in decent form and putting up some impressive performances at early stages of this event, they couldn’t find a way to stop the talented Russian-majority squad, with Kirill “Magnojez” Rodnov at the forefront.

Now Anonymo will be facing another academy squad in the form of NAVI Junior. If the Poles want to meet their aspirations of winning the tournament, a victory in this match is an absolute necessity, as the loser gets eliminated and walks away with the third place prize of $1.500.

Even though they were the lowest-ranked team in attendance at the beginning of the tournament, NAVI Junior have fought valiantly, and now they find themselves among the top three squads at the event.

Their European Pro League 2nd Division Season 8 journey thus far has been full of thrilling games and narrow victories, with the international roster coming out on top against Sashi and NOM on two separate occasions.

Now they are faced with their toughest challenge yet, as they take on the tournament favourites, Anonymo, in the Consolidation Final.

Anonymo vs NAVI Junior Odds & Prediction
Image Credits: Pinnacle

Anonymo vs NAVI Junior Odds & Prediction

Pinnacle Esports favour Anonymo to best NAVI Junior and book themselves a spot in the Grand Final. Considering their recent form, it’s the Poles’ game to lose.

All odds accessed are accurate at the time of writing and are liable to change.

Hero image credits: NAVI 

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