Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch Announced

Published: Feb 3, 2022

In 2019, EA released one of the best battle royale games nobody had on their radar, Apex Legends. While the game came out of nowhere and gained incredible success due to all FPS streamers playing the game upon release, the hype has been going on for quite a while for the mobile version.

The official release date

While there were rumors that the mobile version has been in development since later 2019, the official release date is still to be announced for this fantastic game. So far, everything that is known about the global release is that it is coming out very soon, as the EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson hinted in the quarterly results for Q3 2022.

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On the other hand, the soft launch is already here, and you have an opportunity to play it if you happen to be from one of these countries:

To download the game, all you have to do is find it on the Google Play store and download it to your android device. With the previous sentence, you might have guessed that the game is currently available only on Android, and when it comes to the iOS release, it will come in the future, but it is not known when. Of course, even if you are not in one of the listed countries, there are technical options that will allow you to access region-locked content.

How will Apex play on mobile?

If you are a fan of the battle royal genre, you have probably seen or maybe even played Fortnite and PUBG that had their mobile transitions in recent years. Like those two games, Apex will adapt itself for mobile devices, meaning that it will be somewhat of its own thing compared to the non-mobile version.

The essence of the game is still there. You will be able to pull off those fast-phased moves that make you feel like an MLG gamer, but the game will be getting some adaptations. Not only to make it compatible for mobile devices to run but also to make the game not too difficult to pick up and play.

You can already find a lot of gameplay footage if you look around, and the first thing you might notice is that the game is primarily played in the third person while it transitions to the first person once you start aiming. This change does give you some visual advantages when it comes to locating enemies behind corners, which some players love while others do not.

Will it succeed?

Looking at how amazing the graphics are and how the gameplay is very close to the original, it can be easily said that the game will succeed. The mobile market is booming as the devices are getting better, and you should not be surprised if you see Apex mobile as one of the esports betting highlights once it becomes a competitive esports game, for which it has the potential.

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