AR game Leap Trigger launches on US app stores

Published: Mar 18, 2021

Augmented Reality (AR) shooter, Leap Trigger, launched as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store yesterday, March 17th. This is one of the new waves of mobile games that use augmented reality to simulate playing video games in real-life situations.

Leap Trigger allows you and your friends to take part in a mythical first-person shooter game using your phones in a crazy looking AR experience. You can shoot magic creatures with robotic weapons. They are currently running a promotion in the United States, if you play online or in person with friends, you can earn more credits in the game from now through April 7th.

The game

Leap Trigger is an AR shooter that allows you to play with your friends both online and in person. You can take part in League Matches, Local Friend Matches, and Online Friend Matches. Since it is an AR game, you can use your body to dodge enemy attacks and move to better positions for your own attacks.

The game has an interesting MOBA like champion system. You can choose from different champions each with various weapons and unique abilities, as well as choose from more than 15 buddies to accompany you on our missions. Similar to games like League of Legends and DOTA 2 you need to understand the play style of your opponent and summon buddies that will support you the most.

Comments from the CEO

The CEO of Graffity, Toshiaki Morimoto, spoke about his plans for AR in a blog post:

“We founded Graffity in 2017 with thoughts of enriching the enjoyment of real-life through AR. From my experience studying AI, especially computer vision, I learned that the evolution of AR technology has always been with computer vision, and I’m convinced that we’d see more AR-enabled mobiles in five years.”

“AR technology makes our lives richer and more convenient. Mobile AR, especially AR glasses, will change many industries as they become post-smartphone. Among the industries, we focused on ‘communication’ because we believe dialogue with people enriches their life.”

He went on to speak about the importance of communication and playing with others:

“One of our answers is to augment communication in person. In the past, social networking has made communication with people at a distance feel closer. AR is a technology that enriches the time we spend with people, even more, so we’ve invented a brand-new game based on the idea.”

“I am convinced that AR battles will create a new form of communications. We are currently developing a new AR shooting game to make AR Battles more fun and engaging.”

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The future of mobile games

We have written a lot about mobile esports titles, games like Clash of Clans and PUBG Mobile are hugely popular all around the world and many esports tournaments have sprouted up around them. Games like Leap Trigger are one of the many technology trends that are popping up now that phones and mobile processors are becoming more advanced and easier to produce. Games like these will not become the next big esports event, they are still too imprecise, but I am willing to bet that as processing power improves, we could see games like these appearing in competitive circles.

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