Arcane Netflix Release Sees Jinx, Vi And Jayce Pick Rates Increase

Published: Nov 15, 2021

The release of the LoL Esports inspired animated series Arcane on the Netflix platform has led to a huge surge in the number of players picking the main protagonists in the series as their Champion in game.

The Arcane premiere was held on November 6th, just a day after the LoL World Championship finals had been completed.

Fears that the series would not be a success, due chiefly to the poor quality of other game-to-TV series efforts in the past, proved to be unfounded as the series received plenty of critical acclaim, both from reviewers and those within the League of Legends community.

And a by-product of this success has been an increase in the number of times that the main characters in the series have been picked by players in the game.

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Vi and Jinx

The two characters that are a focal point of the TV series, Vi and Jinx, have seen a significant increase in the number of times they were picked in games. From November 6th, Vi’s pick rate has increased 5.2% overall, increasing her pick rate to 8.4% against the other 150 or so champions in the game.

Jinx was already a very popular pick with players ahead of the TV series release, but her pick rate increased by a further 4.3% since 6th November, now ranking the 10th highest in the game at 15%.

Caitlyn, a bottom-laner who is also featured in the series, has now become the seventh most frequently picked Champion in the game, making up 16.4% of all picks, a 3.3% increase since the TV show was released.

However, the character that has enjoyed the greatest rise in popularity in terms of picks is Jayce. Following the release of the second act on November 13, the top lane champion, the founder of Hextech, was picked 6.3% more often by players.

Perhaps unusually, the other founder of Hextech, Viktor and the revered inventor Heimerdinger, have only seen small increases in popularity.

With Popularity Comes A Higher Ban Rate

It’s not all good news for players wanting to play the characters featured in the series. Vi and Jinx have seen an increase in their ban rate too, Vi increasing to 3.8% and Jinx also being banned much more often, now 2.9% of the time.

Additionally, with more players playing these Champions, the win rates of each Champion have also changed, with Jayce seeing his win rate drop by -1.14%.

Image Credits | Riot Games

Along with the animated series, the RiotX Event that was held at the same time to promote the Netflix release, also appears to have had a positive influence on players.

In addition, there is also the imminent release of Hextech Mayhem, Riot’s rhythm game, which will cost $10 from a variety of stores and shops, but which will be free-to-play for anyone with a Netflix subscription.

Add to that, the third act in the TV series to be released on the 20th November, with the promise of more champions to feature in future episodes and it looks like there could be more characters set to undergo a transformation in popularity thanks to the LoL series.

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