ARCRED vs Sashi Prediction: 22BET Christmas Cup

Published: Dec 17, 2023

Group A’s second opening game is an international affair, as ARCRED take on Sashi in hopes of getting off to a good start at the 22BET Christmas Cup.

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ARCRED vs Sashi Match Preview


While ARCRED might not be very recognizable as a name, they have had some commendable results in recent months in tier-three tournaments, against a variety of decent opponents. The CIS team’s most notable victories include wins against OG, Bad News Eagles (now Guild Eagles), ECSTATIC, Nouns, Spirit Academy, and Sampi. They even won the ESEA Autumn 2023 Cash Cup 6 Europe. Those results are no coincidence.

ARCRED are one of the better teams at the 22BET Christmas Cup, and they can definitely make a deep run at the event. Unless, they stumble at the first hurdle and start off their tournament journey with a 0-1 scoreline.


Although the name Sashi might not ring a bell, avid Counter-Strike fans will definitely recognize some of the players and staff connected to the project. The Danish roster qualified for the 22BET Christmas Cup by winning the POWER Ligaen Season 24 Finals on LAN in Copenhagen. In the Grand Final they came back from an 0-1 map deficit, completing the reverse sweep and eventually winning 2-1. Their resilience could have been a product of working with their very experienced coach Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen.

Besides HUNDEN, the former Endpoint, Monte and Astralis Talent player Frederik “Fessor” Sorensen will power up Sashi’s roster at this event. This addition could elevate the Danes to the next level and help them to get over the line in close games.

ARCRED vs Sashi Prediction: 22BET Christmas Cup
Image Credits: Pinnacle

ARCRED vs Sashi Odds & Prediction

Pinnacle Esports favour ARCRED to best Sashi and get one step closer to a playoff berth. Considering their recent form, it does seem like the CIS team has the edge over their opponents.

  • Prediction: ARCRED (1-0) Sashi
  • Odds: ARCRED Win (-297/1.337), Sashi Win (+233/3.330)
  • CS2 Betting Site: Pinnacle

All odds accessed are accurate at the time of writing and are liable to change.

Hero image credits: 22BET

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