Atari’s PS5 Console Alternative Offers Crypto And Retro Gaming

Published: Oct 20, 2020

For those of us who are of a more venerable age, the first console gaming system was not the first PlayStation, nor even the Sega GameGear or SuperNES. For the purist, the first real games console to hit shelves was the Atari 2600 back in the early 1980s.

And now, Atari are back with a revamped, reworked and vastly updated offering on their classic creation, only this time they have designed it with a retro look to tug at the heart-strings of old-time gamers.

The new console is called the Atari VCS and there is no mistaking that its classic lines, box shape, and even its colours are designed to evoke memories of the classic 2600. However, more interesting is that this console is available and ready to ship, at the same time as Sony cannot get anywhere near enough PlayStation 5 consoles into retail outlets ahead of the November release date for that Next-Gen console.

So could the Atari VCS offer a surprising alternative to the PS5?

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Packs a Punch

It may seem strange to suggest that a console that looks like it has been dragged out of 1982 could conceivably offer an alternative to the Next-Gen PS5, but when you check out what the Atari VCS has to offer, you can clearly see that it packs a punch.

First off, the system comes with 100 games already included in the price, and not only that, but there are two different controllers included with the console. The first, an updated take on the famous retro-styled Atari joystick from the original 2600, plus a new controller that is much more in the shape of the current trend for controllers on Xbox and PlayStation machines.

Under the bonnet, the specs are also impressive. It boasts an AMD Ryzen CPU, an AMD Radeon GPU with 8GB of Ram included (but which can be expanded further) and this means you get to view your games in 4K HDR.

Connections include an Ethernet port and USB 3, plus HDMI and it is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled too. You can even turn your Atari VCS into a dedicated PC, allowing you to boot up from an operating system like Windows on an external drive, so you can use the VCS as a home computer.

Additional games, music players, web browsers, streaming videos, and the like are available to download from the Atari VCS store, while the console also allows players to purchase items using cryptocurrency.

Back in April, we noted that Atari had pushed on with plans to offer Tokens with a view to blockchain gaming and while that was focused more on casino gaming, it seems the company is now very serious about offering an additional alternative to both the PS5 and new Xbox Series X consoles set to hit stores this autumn.

Available in three different colours and designs, the Atari VCS is set to hit stores on the 27th of November 2020 and is set to be priced at $389.99. Whether it is a sensible move to release in the same month as Sony and Microsoft’s two biggest selling consoles, remains to be seen, but it will certainly be an option for those struggling to purchase either machine in the rush following their release.

Featured Image Credits: Atari
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