Atari Pushes Forward its Blockchain Gaming Plans with Atari Token Sale

Published: Apr 20, 2020

Iconic game developer Atari is not allowing itself to be forgotten in the new gaming world of esports, online gaming, gambling, and blockchain. In fact, recently it has become apparent that Atari is keen to get upfront in blockchain game developments and the use of cryptocurrencies in gaming and gambling.

First Round of Fundraising complete

Last week, Atari completed its first round of fundraising via its cryptocurrency token, the Atari Token. Its first private pre-sale round has raised the equivalent of $514,000, with Atari tokens being sold at a value of $0.08 per token. The sale pales in comparison so far to some of the ICOs and token sales of the boom of 2017. However, it must be said that with the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on economies and investors, 2020 will be a difficult year for any business.

The game-maker, as per its press release, also says this round of funding was conducted with its partners and the purpose “was to validate the functioning of the platform, the user interface and the integrity of the backend system. All the transactions were completed successfully.”

Pre-Sale Round Two Launched on April 17th

The Atari Group is working on the launch of its own cryptocurrency exchange platform. Its second round of private sale funding began on April 17 and will close ten days later. Atari tokens can only be bought for other cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.

Atari’s objective is to develop the use of the Atari Token through an ecosystem of interactive entertainment and blockchain initiatives. The Atari Group is already active in the online casino sector that utilizes cryptocurrencies as well as video games and blockchain games.

Public sale of the Atari token is planned for later in 2020, as is the listing of the Atari token on cryptocurrency exchanges.

On its dedicated Atari Chain website, Atari says:

“We are starting with casino games playable with cryptocurrencies, and aim at gradually extending the use cases in other games and in any type of industry, always in accordance with applicable regulations.”

A few weeks ago, Atari partnered with blockchain-based virtual world project The Sandbox. The collaboration will see 3D voxel versions of classic Atari games created within the blockchain multiverse and which will use the Atari token as well as The Sandbox “SAND” token.  Atari plans to take large swaths of digital space in the virtual world and the new partnership inspired a flux of interest in The Sandbox project.

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