Swagg and Ayden Claim Top Prizes in World Series of Warzone

Published: Jun 25, 2021 - Last Updated: Mar 26, 2024

History was made yesterday with the closing of the inaugural World Series of Warzone tournament. The first stage of the most valuable tournament in Warzone history consisted of a trio and a Captain’s draft competition, both of which were a huge success. Last night, Call of Duty fans were treated to 150 of the world’s greatest players engaging in a desperate battle to win their share of $300k.

When the smoke cleared, Aydan’s power squad of three stood victorious in the $200k NA Trios competition. In the other corner stood Swagg, emerging as the winning Captain in the $100k draft tournament. Although there was a little social media gripe concerning the tournament’s format, it was received quite well overall, drawing in huge numbers on Twitch. The final result looked something like this:

Trio Winnings:

1st. Aydan, Rated, HusKerrs: $50,000

2nd. Repullze, Lucky Chamu, SuperEvan: $30,000

Captain’s Cup Winnings:

1st. Swagg: $20,000 + $30,000 team bonus

2nd. Aydan: $15,000

As you can see from the numbers, Aydan enjoyed an extremely successful event overall, narrowly missing out on claiming the top spot in both competitions.

Taking On The Trios

It’s no big secret that Aydan is one of the best Warzone players on Earth. When he entered the World Series of Warzone, many of the other competitors were quaking in their boots, and for good reason. His trio swept the battlefield, almost effortlessly claiming the top NA Trios prize.

However, SuperEvan (2nd place) was arguably the MVP of the event, picking up a massive forty-nine eliminations overall. By the end of the event, he’d worked up an insane K/D of 5.44 – the best in the competition. Unfortunately, Aydan’s trio pushed out a higher collective score, meaning they scooped up the grand prize.

Following Aydan’s signing with the New York Subliners earlier this year, the young player’s profile has grown immeasurably. He’s likely to continue dominating events such as this for as long as Warzone remains a thing.

Calling Out The Captains

Image Credit: ESTNN

Each Captain competing in the World Series of Warzone had the grand opportunity to pick nine trios to fight in their name. This is where Swagg truly shone through, as his draft turned out to be the most successful overall. His squads consisted of some of the finest Warzone talent in the world, while some other captains leaned towards featuring Call of Duty League players in their trios.

For example, Team Nadeshot featured players like Slasher, Asim, Clayster, and Slacked, all CDL competitors. Similarly, Team TimTheTatman included Karma, FormaL, and Scump – one of the most prolific and iconic power trios in the history of competitive Call of Duty teams.

It was an easy $1,000 for every member of Swagg’s winning team by the end of the night.

The Future of the World Series

There are three further events to be played in the World Series of Warzone. The next, an EU-focused competition, will commence in August of 2021. It’ll bring another impressive $300k tournament to the Warzone fans of the world, and it’ll feature the most shining Warzone talent in the EU landscape.

Keep an eye on the horizon for the schedule to drop.

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