BabyJ Leaving FaZe

Published: Nov 4, 2021

Following the disaster run in VCT: NA LCQ, FaZe have decided to part ways with Hunter “BabyJ” Schline who was with the organisation for the past several months. The reason for the removal of BabyJ is not clear, but many fans claim his performance in the recent tournament has been subpar, which could have influenced FaZe’s decision.

On the other hand, BabyJ was instrumental in FaZe’s previous Valorant tournaments and certainly deserves recognition. He’s one of the best Valorant players and there’s no doubt he’ll quickly find a spot in some other team.

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BabyJ’s Sudden Departure

After FaZe dropped out of the VCT: NA LCQ and forfeited their chance at making it to the Valorant Champions, a change was expected. That change turned out to be the removal of BabyJ.

BabyJ showed some great stats in the recent LCQ event, looking incredibly confident with Killjoy. His performance with Viper was a bit lacking, though. If FaZe was pushing him to play Viper and he wasn’t in his element, it could have caused friction in the team. This might have also been the main reason they let him go.

In his recent statement on Twitter, BabyJ said the following:

“Moving forward from LCQ, I’ll no longer be playing with FaZe. Excited for the next team that believes in me.”

The final sentence could imply that FaZe didn’t believe in BabyJ, at least that’s what he might be thinking. At the same time, it almost sounds as if the team didn’t end things on good terms. We still can’t say for sure.

In any case, BabyJ is a free agent once again and he also partnered with Evolved Talent Agency, which should increase his odds of finding a new team soon.

FaZe Looking for a Replacement

FaZe is now left with an incomplete roster so they’ll be looking to find a replacement before the next Valorant Champions Tour season. But the main question is – who will replace BabyJ?

The first name that comes to mind is Joshua “steel” Nissan from 100 Thieves. He was benched in late September and is yet to find a new home. He’s excellent with Killjoy and is a master with Cypher, making him the perfect candidate to fill the Sentinel role for FaZe.

Steel could be the answer to their prayers and FaZe will most likely make a move to acquire steel. There will probably be a lot of competition for steel as a lot of teams would love to have him in their lineups. If FaZe can negotiate a deal with 100 Thieves, they could potentially solve all their problems and start preparing for the season ahead.

As for BabyJ, he’ll still hold a special place in the hearts of FaZe fans, even though he will no longer be playing with the team. He had a good run, but now it’s time to move on.

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