Battlefield 2042 Delayed; Loses FPS Race to COD

Published: Sep 16, 2021

Up until yesterday, the highly anticipated launch of Battlefield 2042 was set to occur before the launch of Call of Duty Vanguard. However, owing to a shock announcement by the Battlefield development team, the launch of Battlefield 2042 has now been delayed by a month. Now, Call of Duty Vanguard will be the first major FPS title to launch this holiday season, beating out both Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite.

Reportedly, the news came in quite late, with Electronic Arts neglecting to inform its game changer ambassadors about the delay ahead of the public announcement. Unfortunately, this revelation has given way to dismay among Battlefield fans around the world. Now, the impending launch of Battlefield 2042 will undoubtedly be overshadowed by Call of Duty Vanguard.

Everything is a Competition

We haven’t seen a fresh Battlefield title since the launch of Battlefield V back in 2018. Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting a fresh injection of excitement into the franchise. When Battlefield 2042 was revealed a few months ago, it was to a fantastic reception and widespread applause. In taking their time to create another Battlefield title, the DICE development team seems to have compiled a fantastic, awe-inspiring title.

However, this one-month delay comes as a crushing blow to fans, without a doubt. Although, there is good reason for the announcement:

Building the next generation of Battlefield during a global pandemic has created unforeseen challenges for our development teams … We feel it is important to take the extra time to deliver on the vision of Battlefield 2042 for our players.

The announcement also went on to explain that these delays would, of course, impact the upcoming Open Beta phase.


Now that Battlefield 2042 has suffered a delay, Call of Duty Vanguard might be there to pick up the pieces. In the diverse and dynamic world of esports, players are always hungry for a new experience. With Call of Duty Vanguard now launching two weeks prior to Battlefield 2042, many players might opt to pick up the WW2-themed shooter just to have something to do.

And then, mere weeks after Battlefield 2042 launches, the world will see the return of Halo, with Infinite and the Halo Championship Series dropping. It’s an FPS sandwich that will definitely fragment the industry.

Learning from the Mistakes

It has to be said that a delay in the release of a video game isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, fans and critics alike would be positively up in arms if Battlefield 2042 launched with bugs, glitches, or errors. We’ve seen that all too often in recent years, and there’s ultimately nothing to gain from releasing an unfinished game.

For example, in 2020, when CyberPunk 2077 launched, it was to an overwhelmingly negative reception. Today, a year later, it’s still regarded as one of the buggiest launches in video game history. It’s only now that the developers, CD Projekt, are catching up and slowly repairing the platform.

So, let’s wait the extra month for Battlefield 2042 to drop, and hope it isn’t lost between the Vanguard and Halo Infinite launches.

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