BetConstruct Unveils New Esports Betting Solution

Posted on August 8, 2019 - Last Updated on October 13, 2021

The sports betting and casino gaming service provider BetConstruct is ramping up its esports betting services. The company is set to introduce esports betting opportunities for over 10 major championships, as well as thousands of in-play events each month.

New esports betting solution

BetConstruct was founded in 2003. And it quickly became a key player in the sports betting and casino gaming industries. Its sportsbook and casino software has already been successfully integrated into brands like STSBet, EnergyBet, Betsson, Royal Panda, and Interwetten. Now it is time for their latest esportsbook solution.

As esports has grown to become a global phenomenon, BetConstruct’s plans to upgrade its esports betting platforms couldn’t be better timed. Although competitive gaming is hugely popular, there has remained a degree of skepticism about how successfully esports betting could be integrated alongside traditional sports betting.

But BetConstruct will be aiming to make esports betting a much more attractive and secure option for any operator. It includes a special risk management system powered by an artificial intelligence Umbrella solution.

This is able to use detailed data regarding esports odds and statistics to ensure that any operator can quickly identify any suspicious betting activity and minimize risk. Such technological advances will prove to be beneficial as esports is a relatively new phenomenon and there is a lack of authoritative statistics regarding teams and players for operators to base their odds on.

But BetConstruct will use their expertise in other fields of online gambling to finally give esports betting the reliability that it deserves. Within the BetConstruct Sports Data Solutions package, its software is able to recognize the flow of the game and provide the technical data necessary to provide operators with new in-play betting markets.

More BetConstruct-specific software

BetConstruct’s AI-powered AJNA scouting software is a boon as well. Fans of esports like CS:GO and League of Legends often prefer to bet live on the in-play action. Therefore, a greater range of live betting markets could prove invaluable.

BetConstruct’s software has already helped many mid-level operators find success in the European online gambling industry. Thanks to their white label solutions, it has become relatively simple for any new enterprise to implement BetConstruct’s betting technology into their site.

As a result, BetConstruct’s decision to upgrade its esports betting solutions could lead to far greater choices for Europe’s competitive gaming bettors. Although many established bookmakers like Betway and Bet365 focus on odds for the larger esports tournaments such as The International, for smaller gaming competitions, there are fewer options.

But with BetConstruct’s pledge to include live markets for thousands of esports events each month, gaming fans will soon enjoy much more flexibility.

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