Potential Impact of the BETER and Bet Connections Partnership

Published: Jul 5, 2022

Bet Connections and BETER, a leading esports betting live odds provider, have partnered to expand their reach in Latin America. Through this partnership, both companies can grow their esports market and provide their customers with the latest betting solutions in the region.

Partnership Overview

The partnership between BETER and Bet Connections will allow the two companies to position themselves in the Latin American market, which has long-term potential. Through this agreement, BETER can provide the companies with live esports, and sports feeds through its platform in all regulated markets.

The iFrame solution from BETER is a next-generation gaming and betting platform that allows individuals to access live odds and experience unique gaming experiences. It is the preferred choice for those looking to break into the esports betting market.

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Due to the company’s extensive gaming markets, BETER has also established itself as a dominant player in the Latin American region. It has been able to gain a significant market share in various countries such as Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, and Ecuador.

Besides providing various games and solutions, BETER is also very active in the esports industry. It has been able to cover thousands of tournaments and has 24-hour table tennis coverage.

Through its partnership with Bet Connections, the two companies are expected to be able to bring these events to their clients.

Potential Impact on Latin America

BETER’s products are already integrated with prominent companies such as Sportradar, Bet365, William Hill, and Fortuna Entertainment Group. The rise of the betting industry over the past couple of decades has been attributed to the increasing number of people willing to gamble their hard-earned money on a trusted betting site.

With various betting markets to choose from, the public has enjoyed a steady increase in the number of opportunities they can take advantage of. In Latin America, the number of people who gamble regularly has increased significantly. This is because the region’s residents are more likely to partake in sports wagering and online casinos.

With the continuous advancements in the industry, the future of the betting sector is looking bright for companies like BETER and Bet Connections. The pandemic outbreak caused many people in Latin America and the Brazillian market to avoid social proximity activities and stay at home. This led to an increase in the number of people who gambled regularly. Esports has also seen a significant increase in people who gamble periodically from 2020 to 2022. These activities have been facilitated by companies in the scene, including Bet Connections and BETER.

Jesus Campo, the CEO of Bet Connections, praised the company’s partnership with BETER, noting that the company’s various features are essential to his company. One of these is its 24-hour live coverage of events. He noted that integrating the two companies’ platforms is also very beneficial.

Yori Arami, the company’s chief revenue officer, also noted that the partnership with Bet Connections is a significant step in expanding its offerings in the Latin American region.

What’s Next

Despite the dominance of European betting markets, the Latin American community has been looking for new ways to place bets on upcoming events such as esports. Studies conducted in 2019 revealed that over nine million people watched Esports events in Latin America, which has grown by 19.5% yearly. With the total revenue generated from these events reaching $32 million, other betting markets are also expected to be very important in this region.

The immense potential of sports betting in LatAm has provided these companies with a wide range of opportunities in 2022. Esports has become a regional phenomenon and is expected to continue growing. Although the industry may have lacked structure a decade ago, today, various organizations and leagues work together to nourish the foundation.

The various factors that have contributed to the growth of esports in Latin America include; the increasing number of international managers and investors, the rise of private sector involvement, and the increasing number of people who watch the events online. The BETER and Bet Connection partnership will further facilitate esports betting while expanding the reach of both companies in the region.

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