Betway Announces New CS:GO Aim Challenge 2.0 On Twitter

Published: Dec 11, 2019

Betway are a betting company that has been recognised as one of the top sites for supporting esports and offering high quality markets for esports betting. So much so that the company were named the Esports Betting Operator of the Year at the recent SBC Awards. They are also sponsors of a number of top esports organisations including Ninjas in Pyjamas, BIG, Invictus Gaming and Made in Brazil.

Now it seems the members of those teams, as well as many other members of the Betway esports betting community are set to do battle in the latest Betway CS:GO Aim Challenge tournament, which the company recently announced via Twitter.

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What is the Aim Challenge?

The Aim Challenge is a specially designed map that has been designed by developer Mr Ulletical and has been personalised with Betway livery. The engine for the game is the famous Counter Strike: Global Offensive esports game and the aim of the game is for players to complete the map in the quickest possible time.

How do players complete the map? Well on the map are a number of bots which the players have to eliminate as they progress through the map. All bots have to be eliminated by the player in full in order to set a qualifying time for the competition.

According to the information on the official page for the Aim Challenge on Steam, the aim of the tournament is stated as:

“Find out how fast your skills are compared to professional players, or your friends on this custom time trial course with bot targets!”

Tweet Best Examples

Betway have asked users to Tweet them the best screenshots of their times on the Aim Challenge and the company will then retweet the screenshots for others in the community to compare.

So far, according to the retweets that have been forthcoming from the site, the fastest time so far has been set by a Turkish player with the Twitter handle @FURIOUSSScs  who posted a time of 39.360 seconds.

In contrast, most of the screenshots that have been sent in to the Betway account show times of between over a minute and down to around 42 seconds, with just a select few achieving a time of less than this.


Of course, replaying the map over and over will allow players to become familiar with the layout of the map and the positions of the bots in each run, and this can help you improve your time. Also, in addition, after each run, the software also provides you with a detailed analysis of your game in statistical form, which again can help you pinpoint where you need to improve.

Members of the esports professional teams that are sponsored by Betway have also competed in the challenge and players can compare their fastest times, alongside the professional players, on the in-map leaderboard.

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How to Download

To play the challenge you need to be a member of Steam and to have downloaded at least the Free version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive onto your chosen machine. Once you have done this, you can visit the workshop and subscribe to the Aim Challenge 2.0 map. This will then download for you and once downloaded, you can restart the game and take the challenge yourself.

Remember, to Tweet Betway’s Twitter feed with your fastest times shown in a screenshot.

Image courtesy of Mr Ulletical / Steamcommunity

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