Betway hits 65 million views on their esports content

Published: Jun 17, 2021 - Last Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Major online sports and esports betting site, Betway, has hit a huge milestone for their esports content. Their esports YouTube channel has reached a staggering 65 million views. That equates to roughly 3 million hours of total watch time.

Betway esports content

The majority of their content is focused on CounterStrike: Global Offensive. Their most viewed video is from Betway’s CS:GO Pros Answer series titled “How Many Hours Do You Have In CS:GO?” that clocks in at 1,524,049 views.

This makes sense, as Betway is well known as a popular CS:GO betting site. They also offer other content like their in-game challenges and personality based content. We recommend checking out their Him or Me and Voice Enable 0 video series. The real draw of the content is their tutorial videos. If you watch CS:GO esports enough, you may want to try it out yourself and the tutorials go a long way to help you achieve that.

Adam Savinson, on behalf of Esports at Betway, wrote:

“We are proud to reach this huge milestone, but this is only the beginning. The brilliant work that the content team at Betway is doing is pushing us towards even bigger landmarks and we can’t wait to hit bigger milestones!”

betway esports content views

Betway and esports

In recent months Betway has made other major strides in the world of esports and esports betting. Earlier this month Betway announced their new partnership with the Brazilian esports organisation FURIA. FURIA is one of the biggest esports organisations in Brazil and it will strengthen Betway’s foothold in the growing LATAM market.

As part of this new partnership, the two companies will collaborate on a number of different activations for fans. You should expect to see cross collaborations and exciting activations across the BetwayTV platform, the bookmakers’ online streaming service.

FURIA will also gain access to the other partner organisations that have made deals with Betway, both in Brazil and around the globe. This is a step up for the organisation, who had previously partnered with Ontario-based bookmaker Rivalry. This is another step forward for Betway esports and their growth in the LATAM market.

In April of this year PSG Esports, the gaming division of French football club Paris Saint-Germain announced that they were extending and expanding their partnership with Betway. The extension of their partnership agreement will make Betway the official principal partner for PSG.LGS. This is a DOTA 2 esports team that is operated in partnership between PSG Esports and Chinese organisation LGD Gaming. Betway will also become the overall official betting partner of the esports franchise.

The future for Betway

Betway has a history of partnering with some of the top teams in the esports world. Betway has also partnered with BLAST Pro Series, ESL, Ninjas in Pyjamas, BIG, Invictus Gaming, and Immortals Gaming Club’s brand MIBR. They were the first major bookmaker to launch a dedicated eSports portal back in 2015. They realised the importance of esports betting sites and have been active in the community for over five years.

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