Betway Promises $1,000 Prize For Biggest Bets On StarLadder Major

Posted on August 29, 2019 - Last Updated on September 26, 2022

If you are lucky enough to land a winning bet with the highest odds on the StarLadder Major, you could win some massive prizes courtesy of the latest Betway promotion. This promises to give the winner a $1,000 cash prize as well as an hour-long gaming session with the promising CS:GO team BIG.

No Betway promo codes required

You won’t need any Betway promo codes to enter the competition. But you will need to lay down some very risky bets. The Betway promotion rewards punters who have placed the top 25 winning bets with the highest odds on the current StarLadder Major CSGO tournament.

Even if you don’t win a bet with the highest odds, you can still win some decent prizes. If you’re on the leaderboard at the end of the Betway promo, you could get signed jerseys from CS:GO teams like MIBR and Ninjas in Pyjamas, or even specialist gaming hardware such as keyboards from Xtrfy. There will also be cash prizes that range between £250 and £500, as well as free bet tokens for use on the Betway site with values of between £100 and 10.

These can all be claimed by making bets of £1 or more. Again, you don’t need a Betway promo code. 2019’s StarLadder Major kicked off in Berlin on Aug. 23. You have until Sept. 8 to get your qualifying bets in. If you are lucky enough to win any of the cash prizes or free bet tokens, the betting site will put the prizes in your account within 48 hours of the promo ending.

What do I have to do take part in Betway’s StarLadder Major Promo

Contestants will need to register on the Betway site, and you will have to opt-in to the Betway promotion via a link on the landing page. Only one position on the leaderboard is allowed per customer, and there are already plenty of contestants who have earned their places on the leaderboard through some very risky CS:GO betting.

At the moment there’s one Betway customer who holds the top spot with a truly outrageous winning bet at odds of 89.39. But there are also other punters who are looking to get their hands on some decent signed merchandise by landing winning StarLadder Major bets with odds of 32.45 and 31.00. Even some relatively safe CSGO bets with odds of 5.75 have managed to get a chance to win some free bet tokens thanks to this generous Betway promotion.

In order to beat the currently front-placed odds of 89.39, contestants will clearly have to lay down some truly outrageous CSGO bets. Obviously there is little point betting on StarLadder Major favourites like Team Liquid and Astralis, and even bets on relative outsiders like NRG and MIBR might not get you anywhere close to the leaderboard for the Betway promo.

As a result, it’s probably a better idea to look at the live-betting options if you want to claim a decent spot on the Betway promotion leaderboard. Waiting until the later moments in a StarLadder Major match could see a losing team getting very long odds, and seeing as you can enter the competition with a stake as small as £1, it shouldn’t cost you too much if you lose your qualifying bet.

Betway promo predictions for CSGO StarLadder Major

Esports betting is notoriously unpredictable, and there have been all manner of recent upsets that suggest that this competition could be worth a closer look – particularly as you don’t even need to enter a Betway promo code. 2019 has already delivered shock stories like OG winning their second title at The International, and there is little reason why the StarLadder Major couldn’t also deliver a few surprises.

The Betway promotion is pretty well-placed to encourage betting fans of all levels to take a low-stakes bet on the StarLadder Major. The brand has become a market leader for their esports betting odds, and it’s nice to see that the Betway promo continues to offer good value for money along with some interesting prizes.

Betway is no stranger to the world of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The betting site has already signed exclusive sponsorship deals with the likes of Ninjas in Pyjamas and MIBR, and they have also extended their sponsorship of the ESL tournaments throughout the remainder of 2019.

This year also saw Betway adding the Berlin International Gaming team to their sponsorship roster. By including a one-hour gaming session with BIG as part of the Betway promo, the brand will definitely get more than a few amateur gamers entering the tournament to play against such formidable opposition. So be sure to sign up to Betway Esports and see what you can win with your bets on the StarLadder Major.

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