Betway Renews Partnership With Berlin International Gaming

Published: Mar 15, 2021 - Last Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The global betting site Betway has renewed the sponsorship deal with Berlin International Gaming (BIG), continuing the strong partnership they formed back in 2019. In a mutual agreement, both organisations will focus on promoting each other and strengthening the already fruitful business relationship. As one of the biggest sponsors of BIG, Betway will feature content related to the partnership, while BIG will promote the Betway brand through their players.

Betway and BIG are extending their partnership after two successful years. The initial deal focused on building a strong connection and working closely to bring entertaining content. BIG player jerseys saw Betway featured on the front and sleeves, promoting the company brand during tournaments but also via giveaways and other social media events. The renewed partnership will continue this trend and there seems to be no indication that anything is going to be changing this year.

BIG is a German esports organisation formed in 2017. They are known mostly for their CS:GO team, who have managed to secure multiple tournament victories over the past four years. On the ESL World Ranking list, BIG is situated in 8th position and the BIG clan is competing with some of the best teams in the world.

Expanding Further

However, over the years the organisation has branched out into various other projects. Right now, they are also involved in games such as League of Legends, StarCraft 2, Valorant, Trackmania and Quake. Their game portfolio is equally matched by the ever-increasing number of sponsors.

While Betway is their biggest partner, they’ve also managed to add a considerable number of additional sponsors over the span of several years. In terms of high-power equipment and hardware, Corsair and OMEN are the go-to partners. The organisation supplies their players with professional gaming chairs from Backforce, and has also covered the insurance aspect through their sponsor die Bayerische. The renewed deal with Betway will ensure the continued financial stability of the organisation and allow for more future content.

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Betway also benefits a lot from this partnership, as it helps the online bookmaker to maintain a strong presence across the world of esports. Prior to this, they had extended another two-year partnership with Blast Premier in December 2020. In a joint collaboration, the two organisations worked together on a number of Blast events and were enjoying a very successful relationship.

Although Betway has always been oriented more towards traditional sports betting, they have been working on improving the esports aspect and investing more into esports outreach. The most recent partnership renewal will help the company stay on that trajectory and possibly allow for more future collaborations with other esports brands.

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