Big Bang Restarts Chapter 2 of the Fortnite Universe

Published: Oct 15, 2019

The ‘Black Hole’ event that has seen Fortnite seemingly swallowed up by a singularity over the last few days has seemingly come to an end. Fortnite servers are getting ready to introduce one of the biggest updates to the popular Battle Royale game that players have ever seen.

Pulled the Plug

Over this past weekend, to much amazement, furore, consternation and surprise, Fortnite’s game designers oversaw an ‘end of the world’ event within the game. Players playing the game, or in the lobby at the time, witnessed their Fortnite universe seemingly being torn apart by asteroids and then eventually swallowed up by a black hole.

For a couple of days, if you logged into Fortnite, all you could see was this singularity sitting ominously in space. Some people wondered if this was ‘the end’ for Fortnite.

Of course, removing such a popular game completely from existence would be business suicide, so the focus on what the designers of the game were doing in pulling the plug on one of the most popularly played games in the world.

The answer to that was simply to make some significant upgrades to the software, including a brand-new map.


Fortnite Returns

The question of when Fortnite and the new update would return was therefore at the forefront of all players minds and arguably the most famous Fortnite player, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins hinted that the day would be Tuesday when he tweeted “Tacos” in reference to the return date of the game.

Taco Tuesday is one of a number of popular themed days in the United States and on this one, it is when people go out to enjoy a Taco for their lunch or dinner. At around 9 am UK time on the Tuesday morning, sure enough, the Black Hole disappeared and the Fortnite servers went offline.

This is the true ‘down-time’ of the game and it will be when the developers Epic make the necessary upgrades to their software to allow players to experience some of the new features of this giant new update.

Some players are already reporting that they are receiving their downloads and the speculation in the press seems to suggest that this may be a relatively short downtime period, with Epic able to do a lot of the work on the update over the past two days during the ‘black hole’ event.

Update News

At present, news regarding the update is sketchy, but at almost 20 gigabytes, it is going to be the largest ever update to Fortnite. At the time of writing the Xbox and PC versions of the update are starting to go live, with PS4 updates expected to follow shortly.

Epic also had to move very swiftly this morning when somebody leaked the full cinematic trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2 online, with the company moving quickly to remove the video from the Internet just minutes after it had been leaked.

However, the trailer is now being Tweeted by Twitter users.

Data from the leak and from other sources with knowledge of the update suggests a brand-new map will be a key feature of the new and updated game. In addition, 8 new default skins are being reported, as well as several enhancements and modifications to the game play.

It seems the new Fortnite Universe is about to begin.

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