BIG Extends Its Partnership With Volvic

Published: Mar 11, 2022

In the past, the world of esports did not have that many surprising partnerships. You would mostly see an X gaming team sponsored by a Y computer periphery manufacturer, and that was that. However, things have come quite far since the beginning of esports, and today you have teams like BIG – Berlin International Gaming who are sponsored by Volvic, a company that is all about water.

The partnership seems to be working!

You may not know, but this is not the first time that Volvic and BIG decided to renew their partnership, as it already happened last year in February. They have been together since 2020, and so far, they seem to have enjoyed the things they accomplished together. One of the most important events that they created, thanks to the assistance of the Trackmania player Dennis ‘Massa’ Lotze, is the BIG Volvic Charity Race that featured influencers as well as professional players playing the game for charity.

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The tournament was quite exciting as it was played on Volvic themed race tracks. With their partnership renewed, we are very excited to see an event like this happen in the future, and since BIG does have teams in League of Legends and Starcraft as well, we can expect big projects similar to the Trackmania charity tournament to occur in the future, which is fantastic news for everyone who is into esports betting when it comes to the mentioned titles.

The future is bright for BIG

While the partnership with Volvic being extended once again is certainly exciting, this is not the only partnership that was renewed. They also extended their partnerships with die Bayerische, which is their official insurance partner, throughout 2022. This company is also their main sponsor for the League of Legends team, and it will become a partner of the previously mentioned Trackmania player Dennis ‘Massa’ Lotze, as well as the Starcraft 2 player Tobias “ShoWTimE” Sieber.

It is great to see that various companies are interested in sponsoring esports organizations and teams, and it really shows how far esports grew compared to its beginnings. This gives the opportunity for more exciting events for all kinds of games, which is something that both hardcore, casual, and even non-gamers should be hyped for!

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