BIG Agrees Renewal Deal With Streaming Giant Streamcoi

Published: Apr 18, 2022

One of the leading European esports organisations, Berlin International Gaming (BIG) has agreed to renew its partnership with the popular stream management service Streamcoi.

The new deal is for two-years and will see BIG utilise the platform to help manage multiple streams from a wide range of the groups’ content creators and esports teams.

A fresh deal was not unexpected given how the companies had worked together since 2020 and had agreed a partnership deal for 12-months back in March 2021.

That deal formalised how BIG would use Streamcoi’s platform to help them measure a wide range of statistics, support and manage its sizeable group of content creators as well as to be able to create and administrate live stream campaigns.

This fresh deal will allow BIG to extend those services for a further two years until March 2024.

Image Credits | Streamcoi/BIG

“Capitalise Off Our Twitch Presence”

Speaking about the renewal of the deal, the CEO of BIG, Daniel Finkler, commented on how happy he was with the deal.

When we started our collaboration with Streamcoi back in 2020 we were very happy to have a tool that allowed us to capitalise off our Twitch presence and turn it into value for our partners.

They have a very cooperative, customer-focused team behind the product that listened to all our recommendations and needs, so we at BIG are delighted to continue working together with Streamcoi in the future.

Additionally, the product lead at Streamcoi, Jakub Janaszek commented:

Starting a technology collaboration is valuable, but it is only by developing it over the years that it has been proven how effective our tool is.

I am very pleased with the trust that BIG placed in us a year ago because, without it, we would not now be able to increase the effectiveness of their Twitch marketing. I believe that within two years, we will make the work of managers and streaming services even easier.

Busy Period

It has been a busy period for BIG, who are seeing its teams competing in a number of big esports tournaments, including the current PGL Major Antwerp 2022 European A RMR.

Here after a win in their opening two games against SAW and Outsiders, they now will be the underdogs in the esports betting for their Round 3 High clash with FaZe Clan.

In addition to competing at these events, BIG has also been busy with its behind the scenes work tying up three additional sponsorship deal extensions in recent times.

Those deals have been with Backforce, who will supply the team with gaming chairs, sponsorship from insurance company Bayerische and also from the famous mineral water brand Volvic.

The Streamcoi renewal just adds to the company’s strong work behind the scenes.

For Streamcoi, this is the latest organisation within the esports industry that they have partnered with having previously done so with the Brazilian esports team FURIA as well as the famous Swedish-based esports organisation Alliance.

It seems likely that Streamcoi will seek to target further partnerships with other esports organisations in order to promote their brand and services to a wider audience.

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