Bird & Bird Law Firm Launches Free Legal Support For ESIC Members

Posted on February 10, 2019

International law firm Bird & Bird has launched an initiative that will provide complimentary legal support service for members of the Esports Integrity Coalition. The partnership will give ESIC members the opportunity to seek up to three hours of free legal advice from the firm on a variety of topics.

Helping shape an industry of integrity

Bird & Bird is a UK-based law firm with offices all over the world and over 1,300 lawyers and legal practitioners under its employ.

ESIC members can now utilize the company’s expertise with queries on esports commercial matters, like team and player agreements, media rights, and commercial contracts. Members can also inquire on regulatory matters, which include topics like prevention of doping and corruption, safeguarding, and child protection guidance and protocols.

“Esports is an area of huge growth and innovation, which presents various novel commercial and regulatory challenges,” commented Bird & Bird esports specialists Richard Bush and William Deller. “Our partnership with ESIC will not only help its members navigate these challenges but also provide them with legal support aimed at furthering the development of their businesses and protecting esports from various integrity risks.”

The new partnership will also give ESIC members a discounted rate for services that lie outside of the legal support field.

“The firm’s complimentary legal support service fits perfectly with ESIC’s wider strategy: to add value for its members, to support their development and, of course, protect esports integrity,” said ESIC Commissioner Ian Smith.

Creating a fair and transparent environment

The Esports Integrity Coalition, a non-profit association established in 2015, has made great efforts to bring fairness and positivity to esports. ESIC is not only adding members on an ongoing basis but also consistently expanding the area of coverage, making sure that new facets of the industry are being held to high standards.

Collaborations with industry giants like ESL and Dreamhack give the organization oversight abilities to stamp out corruption. Entering a partnership with Bird & Bird further proves the association’s drive to polish and democratize the industry.

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