BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2020 Power Rankings

Published: Nov 20, 2020 - Last Updated: Oct 13, 2021

With so many events currently happening in the CS:GO competitive scene, it’s the last train for fans to get their daily dose of the game. The BLAST Premier Fall Showdown is also the last place teams can qualify for the Fall Finals. With tournaments hopefuls fighting for their spot under the sun, the BLAST Premier Fall Global Finals featuring a 1,000,000$ prize pool is just weeks away.

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This piece will provide you with BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2020 power rankings which will benefit both the casual viewer and all of you big game hunters among you. Let’s get straight into it.

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks, especially regarding roster changes and new teams emerging out of nowhere. In case you missed out on some of those, worry not, we got you covered.

1. Evil Geniuses

When it comes to firepower, Evil Geniuses are by far the strongest team in this event. The North American roster also looked decent in their last couple of events and it seems like that all of the team’s marksmen are hitting their shots.

From our point of view, Evil Geniuses have the best chance to go all the way and win BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2020. Even if they do not go all the way and claim that #1 spot, they should at least get second place and book themselves a ticket for the BLAST Fall Finals where they will play against the very best CS:GO teams in the world.


If someone told us that FURIA would be a better team than MiBR, we would have called them crazy not too long ago. This is exactly what happened. FURIA always give a full 100%, best known for their unpredictable and ultra-aggressive. KSCERATO and co. were rewarded for their efforts as they have been a top 10 team in the world for a while now.

Furia at Star Ladder
Image Credits | StarLadder

How big are their chances in this event? Prior to BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020, we would say that FURIA is a lock to go all the way and win this event. However, their recent results against MiBR and G2 have been disappointing. It will definitely be interesting to see whether the Brazilians will bounce back from the slump they are in.

3. Complexity

Back in December 2019, Complexity was ranked as 67th CS:GO team in the world. Forward to November 2020 and Complexity has clinched a top 10 spot. However, their recent results have been poor, hence why many CS:GO betting sites are not giving them a lot of chances in this event.

Their recent results in IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 Europe are promising as they were able to beat both Fnatic and Natus Vincere. What do you think, does Complexity have a chance to go all the way in this event?

4. Liquid

Team Liquid is looking well-past their prime. Despite making roster changes, it seems like nothing is working for one of the biggest esports franchises in the world. Recent results look promising, with Liquid winning seven of its last nine matches. It is important to mention that these results are against regional teams, mostly outside the top 20 in the World.

Despite being one of the stronger teams attending the event, the CSGO odds are not in Liquid’s favor for good reason. An early exit is definitely not off the cards for Liquid.

5. Virtus.Pro

Can Jame do it all by himself? We believe he can’t. Virtus.Pro has been on a tear in their last couple of events and we got to admit it, they looked great. However, they have beaten teams such as Wisla Krakow, forZe, Heretics, and Espada. None of these teams are near the creme de la creme, consequently making Virtus Pro’s form rather suspicious.

Virtus Pro at EPICENTER
Image Credits | HLTV

Even though we believe that this CIS roster will grab a win or two, they lack the firepower to compete against the best rosters on this event.

6. MiBR

MiBR has definitely had its ups and downs this year. The team is currently at an all-time low, but the recent roster changes are paying due diligence. Unfortunately, the team is still fairly new, so do we see them going all the way? Definitely not.

The Brazilians acquired mixed results in their recent bouts and this form will continue here at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2020. All in all, there is not much we are expecting from MiBR, but they may just yet surprise us.

7. Cloud9

After going fully transparent with salaries and fees of their new roster, Cloud9 will definitely look for solid results as they invested quite a lot in their juggernaut lineup. The new lineup is still trying to click together which was evident in its debut against Sadly for them, the team was nowhere to be found and they were battered hard.

Individually, this team has it all. A proper in-game leader, incredible AWPer and solid rifles. However, they need time. This is why they will not have much success against established teams.

8. FaZe Clan

Looking for a big underdog bet? Now that NiKo parted ways with FaZe, we believe that they will do even better. Pay close attention to broky as he is finally out of NiKo’s shadow. The young gun has a lot of potential and he is capable of dropping 30 frags against anyone.

Image Credits | ELEAGUE

Now that olofmesiter is back with FaZe, they got another well of experience the team can draw from. At the time of writing, you can get 10x your stake if you drop a bet on FaZe Clan to go all the way and win this event.

9. mousesports

Mousesports is another team looking under the weather lately. This team had it all but all of the sudden were nowhere to be found. It did not help them that woxic was involved in a couple of arguments with his teammates. It looks as though the bad blood in the team is solved, and the German-based organization will be looking to return to its rightful place amongst the top 5 in the World.

From our perspective, mousesports has enough firepower to deal with most of the teams competing at BLAST Premier Showdown 2020. However, once they are matched against top contenders, they will struggle.

It is going to be interesting to see whether the draw will favor mousesports in this event. With a bit of luck, they could go a long way.

10. Team Spirit

Spirit was always a mediocre team. They barely ever graced the top 10 while they have been constantly ranked between 15-30 places.

Team Spirit
Image Credits | HLTV

Based on that, we do not believe that there is a lot Spirit can do here despite being on a solid run lately.

11. MAD Lions

After beating teams like Astralis, Vitality and Faze Clan, MAD Lions fell apart. After grabbing 11th spot in the world rankings, MAD Lions hit a rough patch, dropping all the way to 31st. With a sharp decrease in form this CS:GO roster is experiencing, MAD Lions are looking like the underdogs.

From our point of view, MAD Lions is a team that is not worth a single unit bet look severely outmatched against the top teams.

12. Ninjas in Pyjamas

Even though we do not rate NiP highly, we believe that the current odds on the Swedish roster are not realistic. Right now, NiP are ranked at 11th spot while they also looked incredibly good against G2 not even a week ago.

They have a lot of youngsters who are capable of carrying the team on their own. Even though NiP will not win these events, they definitely have enough individual skill to grab a couple of wins and ruin some of the parlays.

13. Sprout

Sprout is looking like a team that can easily outfrag the biggest of favorites but stumble against the biggest underdog. This CS:GO team is filled with experienced veterans who can pull off an upset but we can freely say that most of the guys from this roster are not capable of carrying their own weight on the server.

From a betting perspective, avoid betting on matches featuring Sprout, as you never know when this team will show up.


From our point of view, GODSENT has a solid line-up. However, they nurture that aggressive style that gets them in trouble more often than not. GODSENT is by far the best team to bet on during live betting as they force their opponents to adjust on the spot.

Image Credits | HLTV

If not, GODSENT will overrun them with pace and before you know it, the series is over.

15. EndPoint

What is there to say about EndPoint? Somehow, they were invited to this event and we believe that this team will not even win a map. Individually, they can’t be compared to anyone as they lack a lot in firepower.

Their tactics are not that good either as they tend to over-rotate every single time. All in all, betting on EndPoint is not the way to go, and the odds reflect that.

16. Isurus

Just like EndPoint, Isurs is lucky to be here. FiReLEAGUE Latin Power is the only reason why Isurus will compete against some of the best teams the CS:GO professional scene has to offer. To cut things short, Isurus has nothing to look for here at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2020.

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