BLAST Premier And Shikenso Analytics Strike Commercial Data Analysis Partnership

Published: Mar 30, 2021

German-based IT company Shikenso Analytics has agreed a deal with BLAST Premier to provide commercial brand insight and a selection of analytics for the Counter Strike: Global Offensive Blast Premier 2021 season.

The deal will see the BLAST Premier be able to use Shikenso Analytics products to help it process and analyse its sponsorship assets in the most effective manner. The service will allow the company to understand where placing banners or logos or other creative pieces of content can be located to be as effective as possible.

The partnership will allow BLAST to gain further insights into the performance of its sponsors and other partners’ assets on live streaming services and other forms of social media too. The data this generates can then be used to help the company make decisions about what sponsorship and strategies to follow for future BLAST events.

Ensuring BLAST Partners Get A Good Deal

Ever since BLAST began organising tournaments in 2017, the company has developed a strong following and a very positive reaction within the esports community and to those seeking to invest and integrate into that community.

BLAST’s new deal will allow them to help ensure that their sponsors and partners get the most out of the deal by ensuring that they get sufficient broadcast time, as well as creating eye-catching and innovative creative content for broadcast on their live events.


This new Commercial Data Analysis partnership will allow BLAST to be able to ensure that its partners get the value they want for the money they spend with the company, especially on its cornerstone tournaments, such as the BLAST Premier.

The Spring and Fall season of the BLAST Premier are amongst the most popular CS:GO tournaments played around the world each year and with the best teams from these events competing in the annual World Final at the culmination of the season, ensuring its sponsors get the best coverage from their investment in this $2,475,000 series of tournaments is key.

“Well-Founded Data”

Speaking about the deal between the two companies, Arwin Fallah, the CEO of Shikenso GmbH commented:

“Being a CS:GO enthusiast myself, I’ve followed many of BLAST’s events in the past. Seeing our solution drive BLAST and its partners forward through well-founded data while watching their events is incredible. We’re looking forward to a long lasting and successful partnership.”

Leo Matlock, the Vice President of Commercial at BLAST Premier was equally enthusiastic about the deal, stating:

“Creating successful and long-term partnerships with leading brands around the world is hugely important to BLAST and our future ambitions. Being able to provide partners with in-depth reports, showcase the value in partnering with BLAST and help us analyse how to improve our offering goes a long way to achieving this. Shikenso’s bespoke and innovative approach to brand analysis will help us to continue to provide value to our portfolio of commercial partners and create further brand solutions.”

It is going to be interesting to see how the new deal alters how the BLAST Premier events are streamed and shown and whether this encourages other companies to rally behind BLAST, secure in the knowledge that the investment that they make in the company will ensure that they receive the best quality coverage and exposure for their money.

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