BLAST To Produce Fortnite Championship Series

Published: Feb 18, 2022

While Fortnite is not the main focus in the gaming universe, it definitely isn’t dead, as there are still millions of monthly users. With that said, it is no surprise that someone as big as BLAST is interested in running this year’s Fortnite Championship Series.

Not the first time BLAST has been involved in Fortnite

Back in 2021, BLAST was involved in the Fortnite competitive scene by organizing the Fortnite Championship Series All-Star Showdown and the Fortnite Championship Series Grand Royale events. The partnership they had with Epic went quite well, and there was also a positive response from the audience when it came to their production.

Image Credits | Epic Games

BLAST knows what they are doing

For everyone who has been following the CS: GO competitive scene, like some of you esports betting enthusiasts, for example, you probably know just how excellent the production was. BLAST was actually the one who created the Premier circuit in CS: GO, and after that, they had success organizing some other events.

They were also organizers in Dota 2, VALORANT, and Apex Legends for various events across the globe, so they certainly know what they are doing, and everyone who has seen their stuff is probably already hyped for this year’s Fortnite season.

How long will this partnership last?

So far, the partnership is supposed to last for a single year only, but considering that they have done things last year, and now that BLAST got an upgrade when it comes to the scale of the production they are going to do, if things go well, they are probably going to stick around.

Another thing considering the partnership is that the BLAST’s MD for development, Leo Matlock stated that he is glad that the company could build trust and a relationship with the Fortnite competitive team. He also said that they look forward to bringing incredible experiences to the community, which in no doubt, they will.

When can you expect the new Fortnite season to start?

If you are growing impatient with watching the best Fortnite players in action, you will be able to catch the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 starting on February 17th, where players will compete for a gigantic prize pool of $3,008,500.

The event will have two qualifiers, followed by two weeks of competition that include Semi-Finals and Finals. With the number of teams increased in the qualifiers, this year’s Fortnite competitive scene is going to be a blast…no pun intended.

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