BMW Drives Forward into Esports With Multi-Team Sponsorship Deal

Published: Apr 16, 2020

BMW may be most famous for developing some of the most popular cars in the world today, but the company is also looking for new avenues for expansion. This week, the motor giant announced that it would be making a major move into the world of esports and gaming.

As esports news goes, this is a big deal. That is because the company has expanded not just into the developing realm of German esports, but across the entire globe, setting up partnerships with five of the top esports organizations all over the world.

Five esports teams part of the deal

BMW have partnered with the US-based Cloud 9, UK-based Fnatic, Funplus Phoenix from China, SK Telecom T1 from South Korea and Germany’s own esports giants G2 Esports. The deal is expected to cover multiple esports that each of the teams run, not just their most famous esports teams.

Speaking about the deal, Jens Thiemer, the Senior Vice President of Customer and Brand at BMW stated:

“Esports shows us how sports entertainment can continue to thrive and play a key role considering today’s challenges. Our entry into esports is motivate by a commitment to become a sustainable global partner, supporting the teams and the discipline as a whole, before, during and after these times of uncertainty.”

That very notion is summed up by the branding of the partnership announcement which states “United in Rivalry” and “United at Home”.

Mr Theimer continued ;“Joining forces with the best teams in the world, we aim to use our design and innovation skills to help shape the discipline in the long term. Our esports involvement is an important milestone providing, for the first time, a new intersectionality with a fast-growing community. We consider esports a promising growing addition to our marketing activities, helping BMW on its journey to becoming an emotive brand people relate to.”

Significant move by a major sponsor

There is no doubt that BMW’s move into esports may well have been hurried along by the current global situation regarding the Coronavirus, but equally, it is unsurprising that such a large and well-respected company as BMW have decided to toss their hat into the ring when it comes to the esports industry.

Given that predictions expect the esports industry to continue its phenomenal rate of growth for some time yet, BMW are just the latest in a long line of big companies that have sought to become a part of the industry.

Other car manufacturers, such as Mercedes, who have also moved into esports in some way, namely in the F1 Esports series. However, BMW’s commitment extends beyond motor racing games and into the wider realm of esports. None of the teams that the company has partnered with run teams in the F1 series and that is an exciting prospect for esports team.

A company that is known for its innovation within the car industry, if BMW can utilize its expertise within esports then not only will BMW benefit from the deal, but so will all five of the super-teams that are now partnered with them.

“Our long-term goal is to grow our team portfolio into true household games within the general sports and entertainment industry” stated Mr Thiemer.

Few would bet against BMW and their five partners from being able to achieve that goal.

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